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Call Of Duty: Warzone To Get A Next Generation Port Update For Season 5 – Leaks Suggest


Call of Duty: Warzone the first-person shooter video game franchise will be the next generation port for their games soon. The launch also might occur next week. All those Calls of Duty fans who still play on their Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PS5 need not wait as the port will be launching next week.

This was leaked by a data miner called BreadisModding who discovered that a new port will be available for the game players. Not only did they reveal about the port but also found some hidden information related to the release of Season 5 and thus revealed the web address of the game 5 th Season that is yet to release and is scheduled to come out on 12 th August.

The link that is circulated by many of these data miners is actually attached to a game developer, Raven Software. In the link, you will find both Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone that will be coming soon on August 12 th and the next-generation port for the game.

So this month fans might get something more than what they have expected. It can be a great month for the players.

The web addresses provided by data miners, for now, lead to black pages of the Ravens Software website. Also, no confirmation about the same is heard from either Ravens Software or the developers of the game or even Activision the company itself. So it is hard to prove whether such a launch is even possible next week or not.

One confirmation that we had received is from an industry insider who works for Activision the owner of the Call of Duty franchise.
This insider is called The Ghost of Hope and he tweeted about the same. He said that he got to know about the launch of the next-generation port launch update in Season 5 from the outside through the data miners. But he can confirm that it is true because he himself put it in the patch note link. He goes by the name Terekomi and he tweeted this in his recent tweet.

If these rumors are accurate it will be a blast for many players as the experience they will get with the next generation ports would be extraordinary as they would be solely designed for the game and to increase the user experience. The next-generation versions will be highly updated and will affect gaming performance as well. The players may benefit from increased frame rates which are the number of individual video frames that your screen will show, per second and a reduction in load times as well. All these updates and benefits are rumors so it’s hard to believe them. It is even advised for fans to keep their expectations low.

Those players who will play on the new next-generation console will also have access to customize their options. This includes SSDs- Solid-State Drive is a solid-state storage device, FOV slider which allows you to change your field of view in-game; so that your screen is either zoomed in or out, FPS- Frame Per Second which will be higher. The only disadvantage for people is if they don’t have a compatible device for the port their gaming experience might be dreadful.

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