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Blick Group And Xandr Partner To Launch Innovative Video Format – What’s New In It? Read To Know


I am sure not many of you have heard of this Xandr, Inc. before today and those of you who are familiar with this company should know what Xandr is and what it is mostly known for. Xandr Inc. is the advertising and analytics division of WarnerMedia Sales and Distribution, a unit of AT&T’s WarnerMedia, which operates an online platform, called Community, for buying and selling consumer-centric digital advertising. Now, let me provide you my dear readers with a small overview of the journey of Xandr and how it all began. After its June 2018 acquisition of AppNexus, Xandr was formed by AT&T to construct a national TV advertising marketplace. Xandr was then launched, on September 25, 2018, in Santa Barbara, California, and was named after its parent company founder, Alexander Graham Bell. In June 2019, Xandr rebranded its AppNexus DSP, launching Xandr Invest, to serve as its central ad-buying hub. It went on with its expansion and on October 18, 2019, Xandr acquired Massachusetts-based Clypd, an audience-based sales platform for television advertising. Later on April 30, 2020, it was folded into WarnerMedia. But then on May 17, 2021, it was announced that WarnerMedia would be merged with Discovery, Inc. to form a new publicly-traded company known as Warner Bros. Discovery, but that the Xandr business would not be included in the transaction and would remain a division of AT&T. 

Now the recent news brings in that the Blick Group which is the strongest media brand in Switzerland, and Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, have shaken hands and have officially become partners which were even more prominent when the Blick Group officially announced that it is making an innovative new live video format which will be available through Xandr’s strategic selling platform, Xandr Monetize. Now, I am sure there might be a lot of you reading and re-reading and trying to Google what exactly is this Blick Group as many of you might not be familiar with this company, so let me save your time thereby providing you with some details about the Blick Group. Blick TV is the strongest media brand in Switzerland as stated earlier it broadcasts 16 hours a day to a multitude of customers from its Ringer headquarters which is situated in the capital, Zurich. 

Now coming back to the highlight of this topic, what exactly is this new live video format? The new video format which will be launched on Blick TV will open a completely new opportunity to advertisers, with full consideration of user-friendliness. This brand new Live Ad will not only merge quality journalism, plus moving images, and user-friendliness it will also provide a platform for innovation for the advertisers. The Live Ad allows the advertisers to shoot the video with a maximum length of 15 seconds, and the user experience will not be disturbed and full attention for the advertising message is guaranteed. It is also said that with video becoming more relevant, the company will also take out another version of this new live video which will be a combined premium content with live adverts in which the brands will have the unique opportunity to place their message in a premium/non-skippable environment. 

So with this new live video format, both the Blick Group and the Xandr companies together are providing a chance for the advertisers to have a more engaging and flexible platform for their advertisements and it also provides its audience to see a new form of advertisement which even makes the audience even more attracted towards it plus it also keeps them engaged and as a result increases the business of that specific company. So this is a great initiative of both the companies as this will even have an increase in their business.

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