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Youtube Tests A Pocket-Friendly Subscription Option In Europe For € 6.99 Per Month – Here’s What You Lose?


Youtube, the online video sharing and social media platform is planning on launching a cheaper Youtube Premium subscription. This subscription would be called “Premium Lite” and would be cheaper than the original subscription it offers.

This cost-efficient subscription is still in the testing stages and was tested in Europe for the first time. This cheaper subscription will offer you high-quality videos and ad-free videos at a lower cost. The new subscription tier would be made available for iOS, Android, and other platforms as well.

This particular cheaper plan will include the ad-free feature which the original Youtube Premium Plan has but would not include any other features for the original plan. 

This subscription tier has been tested in various countries across Europe like Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. It has been tested to look at its performance and whether people prefer it or not. If it entices the customers in these countries then Youtube might make it available for other countries as well.

Talking about the cost of the subscription plan, the Youtube Premium Lite will cost you € 6.99/ month which is € 5 cheaper than the original Youtube Premium plan that sells for € 11.99. In dollars, the Lite plan will be available for $ 8.30.

This subscription plan offers you benefits like ad-free video streaming across the app and other platforms of Youtube. But it does not include ad-free Youtube Music or gives you the option of offline downloads or background play.

Youtube’s Premium Version offers you an offline download option where you can download movies and videos via mobile data or Wi-Fi network and watch them offline and ad-free. It also includes the background play option where by default, videos will always play in the background. You need to change the setting to “Always on” and then videos can be played in the background even when the screen is off. Another feature it offers is ad-free Youtube Music where you can enjoy songs ad-free and in background play.

The Youtube Premium Lite is a great option for users who loathe ads and just want a way out of it but don’t want all the premium features that come with the Youtube Premium. So it’s a great fit for those users. For now, this feature is being tested in some European countries and the response of the people over there will decide whether to continue the Lite subscription and bring it to other countries or not.

Youtube also expressed that it would introduce plans based on a combination of different features that the users are demanding. Now, this has the potential to increase customer experience and is a great way to strengthen a brand’s identity. This feature of ad-free videos has been tested by Google in the form of Youtube Premium Lite and we don’t know whether it will give more sales to Youtube or not.

Youtube has been the number one site for video sharing and viewing and has great traffic. It was first launched in February 2005 and has come a long way in satisfying its users and giving them curated content. It was launched by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim and has a total of one billion monthly users.

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