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Google Leaks 8 New Security Products, Gives A Glimpse Of Its Upcoming Nest Cameras And Doorbells


Google recently listed its new products on its site and before they were gone The Verge captured a glimpse of the same. The products aren’t available on Google’s site anymore. The glimpse captured by The Verge suggests that Google is all set to launch its new Nest camera and doorbell systems.

Google over the past months has leaked a lot of data about new devices they are planning to make. Google also leaked data about the features of the new OS Wear they are working on with Samsung. This has been a common practice of Google.

Recently Google listed some new cameras and doorbells on its site which included a battery-powered camera that could be used both indoors and outdoors. The camera is quite sturdy. Another camera came with floodlights and was a wired camera that could be used indoors. And one more product includes the Nest doorbells. 

In total Google listed a total of 8 products which included 4 Nest cameras that had different features like indoors and outdoors, only indoors, floodlights, and indoors wired. It listed 2 doorbells one was a battery doorbell and the other a wired doorbell. The 7 th product was a Front Door Monitoring Package and the 8th product was a Total Security Package.

There were some items whose prices were mentioned like the Nest Camera indoor had a starting price of $ 129.99 while the wired doorbell was priced at $ 229. The Front Door Monitoring Package was for $ 249.98 and you could save $ 30 and the Total Security Package was for $ 528.98 where you saved $ 65.

These listings could be seen but when you clicked on them they didn’t lead you to individual product pages where they described the product. The links of the products took you back to the original Google Store place. Officially it has not been confirmed whether those products will launch in the market and if they do then when will they launch. The products that were leaked by Google show us that the new launches would include battery doorbells and a floodlight camera. These new products will be a great competitor for Amazon’s security devices. 

Google confirmed earlier in January that the new Nest lineup will be available soon and will launch in 2021. So we can expect these products to launch in a few months.

Now, what new can be seen in these products? First is the Floodlight camera; it is a motion-activated HD security camera that includes two floodlights, a remote-activated alarm, and two-way audio with noise cancellation. With Floodlight Camera you can see and hear any activity and speak with anyone in range of your Floodlight Camera.

The indoor and outdoor cameras often require different builds. Indoor cameras are quite small, more lightweight, and are usually less intrusive. Outdoor cameras are bulkier. Dome cameras are used as both indoor and outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras mostly have blowers and heaters to provide extra protection against the elements.

Security doorbells are internet-connected doorbells that notify the smartphone or other electronic device of the homeowner when a visitor arrives at the door. It activates when the visitor presses the button of the doorbell, or alternatively when the doorbell senses a visitor with its built-in motion sensors. This enhances your security.

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