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Google To End Support For All Google Services Account Sign-In On Older Android Versions Soon


An important announcement by Google, Smartphones which are running on Android and have version 2.3.7 or less than this, Google will not be going to Support Sign-ins on this version. From 27 September, this new change is coming into effect. Google has already sent to email to all users reveals. If you read that email, then Google mentions this if you continue to want to use this service then you have to update your phone version at least Android 3.0 Honeycomb to continue. So if you want to continue google service, then you have to update your device at least Android 3 even after September. After the system, if you do not update your device, then, it will affect your system and level of the app also, one more important thing is that users might continue this service of sign in Gmail, Google Search, Google Drive, YouTube, and another service of Google by the browser of the phone. A report by shared by the 9 to 5 google, in this report Google shared a screenshot, which they sent to the users by email for device update ad which users will be affected by this change, all things were mentioned in that report which googles sent to their users. As we all know, only a few users are left with this Android version, seriously Google is trying to secure their devices, protect their data, and helping them in maintaining the security of data. Users will get password errors and user name errors, whenever they will try to sign in to their device after the beginning of 27 September.  From 27 September, all the apps which are loaded from google like Drive, YouTube, Gmail, Google search nothing will be going to run on devices version 2.3.7 or lower. If you see the Email, which is sent to users, it will look like they are telling them or requesting them either change the device or update your device, who are using software of archaic version these days also. It will totally depend upon users what they will do if they will change the phone or update their device. But according to my, it is best to change their device. After 27 September. According to the report, they will not able to download other Google apps for using it will not support in their phone because of this lower version of Android. They will not able to open their app. They will face many problems, but if they want to open this site, then they have to open it from the Phone browser.

Users will sign out from the device after 27 September, if they will try to change their password so they have to again sign-in on all devices. Like they have been a sign out from Email, Google drive. They will get many errors if they wanna try to create a new account to perform their activity. As we all know till Android version 11 is available, so no work left for android which is 2.3.7, so better they have to change their device.

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