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Google officially pairs the Stadia Controller and the Chromecast, calls it the ‘Play and Watch’ package.


Google Stadia Controller the One-touch precise controller is now offered by Google in a combo pack with the Chromecast which helps your stream amazing content.

Google earlier announced this combo pack as a limited-time offer and was meant for promotional purposes,  but now Google has made the combo pack officially and permanently for everyone.

Talking about the devices in the combo package, Stadia Controller is the best way to play games on Stadia across screens. It supports receiving game audio, chat audio, and microphone input through a connected headset. The Chromecast includes all types of content from popular services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. You can navigate that content with a normal remote control that comes in the box.

The combo pack is explicitly stated as the ‘play and watch’ package by Google. This package comes with the popular  Stadia Controller and the 2020 Chromecast. This combo package will be available for $ 99.99 and will save you $ 19 compared to buying them separately. If you prefer a greater experience Google suggests you buy the Chromecast Ethernet for absolute experience and quality. This Ethernet when you buy it with the combo package will only cost you $ 9.99 which is a great steal.

The original prices for the Stadia Controller and 2020 Chromecast are $ 69.99 and $ 49.99 respectively. It totals up to $ 119.98 which will be the cost if you buy them separately. But the combo pack offers you the same at $ 99.99 ($ 100). I think you should definitely take advantage of the offer.

Google also wants to clear out its old stock of Chromecast Ultra which was released on November 6, 2016. This stock is cleared out by selling a bundle edition called the Stadia Premium Edition. This edition bundle contains the Google Chromecast Ultra 2 for streaming games to your TV and a Stadia Controller 3 for pick-up-and-play convenience. This bundle helps you bring Stadia to your TV. To clear out its stock Google is selling the bundle at a discounted price of $ 79.99. 

The combo package has the Chromecast 2020 which is updated and runs smoother than the Chromecast Ultra. Thus the 2020 version is recommended by many users and experts as it gives a better streaming experience and has lesser bugs. It has a 4K resolution, supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and has a massive selection of apps at the ready. It’s also $20 less than Google’s Chromecast Ultra, which doesn’t have a remote or its own TV interface. But if you simply want the Chromecast for enjoying Stadia then you may prefer the Stadia Premium Edition over the newer combo package.

The new Google streaming service has now the ability to support certain Andriod TV sets as well. It is a plus point for Andriod users. So if you have one of such TVs that is supported by Google streaming service then all you need to get is a controller or even a Bluetooth gamepad it need not be from Google.

The only difference between a controller and a gamepad is that a game controller is a hardware device designed to allow the user to play video games, whereas a gamepad is a type of game controller held in both hands and controlled with the thumbs. So you may have different experiences with both devices.

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