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Mastodon The Twitter Twin Gets An Official iPhone App – Everything To Know


Mastodon the social networking site now officially has an iPhone app. Mastodon is popular for its free and open-source software for running self-hosted social networking services.

Mastodon is quite similar to Twitter as it has microblogging features similar to Twitter but the only difference is that Mastodon is provided by various nodes which are connection points inside a network that can receive, send, create, or store data. These nodes have their own code of conduct, terms, and services, privacy policy, etc.

Mastodon is supported by a non-profit organization and helped Mastodon to come up with its own iPhone app which launched today. It ever had a web page and many other host apps through which you could access Mastodon. These host apps were available for Android, iPhone, and other platforms as well. This app is similar to the old service provided by Mastodon but will not include local and real-time task schedules.

Mastodon plans on inviting new users to the app and has designed it in a way that will attract more people. This app is very similar to Twitter but instead of having a central network that hosts all communications and having a single community this app contains several networks and communities that you can choose from. It is a collection of communities where you can join one and still continue commenting and messaging other communities.

Mastodon iPhone App

This platform has a unique touch to it with its amazing platform design. After being in used in the iOS system it can be easier and much smoother to access the app which can help attract more users. For all the Android phone users the CEO has confirmed about developing an Android version of the app soon but has not confirmed the release of the app yet.

The app includes features like polls and filters which are targeted towards more sensitive pieces of content. The app also includes much larger services that highlight Mastodon’s ad-free chronological timeline. The app also contains a post section where you see posts from your local home communities and other communities you have joined. This way you can access the new content and get introduced to newer ideas and people as well.

One reason for excluding this feature from the iPhone version of the app was the potential conflict that could happen with Apple over the feature. This feature would allow users to access every form of content out there and thus the feature was restricted for iPhone users.

Mastodon has community and node features. This is intended to give users the flexibility to select a server whose policies they prefer, but keep access to a larger social network.

Mastodon’s logo is an animal with a truck that resembles an elephant, mastodon, or even a mammoth. This logo is often depicted using a tablet or a phone signifying the app. When you post something this is referred to as a toot. Each message has a variety of privacy options available, and users can choose whether the message is public or private.

The app sounds quite interesting. Do let us know in the comments if you would prefer it or not?

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