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Chinese AR Brand Nreal CEO Chi Xu Confirmed About Targetting IPO In The Next 5 Years


Nreal is a Chinese company that makes glasses, Nreal is making a so-called enlarged reality experience. This company is seeking to go public, within 5 years. In simple they are planning to go Public and this is said by the CEO  of Nreal to media. The statement of the CEO of Nreal was, “we are deciding and as we all know this is market of major technology. we are seriously looking forward and know what is going to take place in the upcoming 10 to 15 years and personally me, I am very excited and think it is more as 2006, 2007 of the business of smartphones”. He added more, ” we have seen a lot of good chances and obviously, we are thinking that the size of the market is going to be very large and crowdy, this time we have this opportunity and seriously we want to take this opportunity to last end. From the statement of CEO, it is quite clear they are very confident and they are planning to do something very big and they also said they are coming to market within 5 years and they are planning to take this opportunity to the end and they have better planning for this. He also told, ” the starting offering to the public might come in less than 5 years”.


The Flagship of the company’s product and material is lightweight glasses and these glasses come in pairs. The name of these glasses is Nreal Light. These glasses are released in very, very fewer quantities in the market, their market includes South Korea and Japan. A statement of Nreal is, their glasses allow users to have of experience of “mixed reality” this means in mixed reality there digital images are superimposed over the real world. In simple users may experience super awesome quality. Right now, these glasses are only released in a handful amount not everywhere only in Japan and South Korea. It can connect to smartphones and the most important use is to free people from the small smartphones screens. As we all know people were tied to small smartphones screens and this glass helps them to rid of these small-screen smartphones. The statement of Xu is, ” whatever is the display size of your phone screen, you put this screen in front of your face, this glass convert into a large screen, give the experience, that can be 3D and this ultralight gives you the high definition quality”.

Nreal gives platforms for developers, for creating apps, these apps are the operating system of headset known as Nebula. XU told, ” this platform is as the Apple platform, like what apple has been doing for smartphones, this platform is doing for glasses which give high definition quality”. He further added to this statement, this platform offers people to use this for having different experiences. The Job of developers is to improve the content and develop types of content in the field. He also said,” we to only give the hardware but also provide several services with this glass”.

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