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TSMC Reports Gas Contamination In Chip Plant Supplying For Apple – Everything To Know


On Friday, a report has come from Chip supplier of Apple Inc Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing Co, they said had very terrible news in which there few production lines present in southern Taiwan, were damaged by the process of contamination of gases, these production lines are used in the process of chipmaking. There was no expectation of this incident, TSMC said in an email statement that “they do not have any expectation regarding this incident, this incident has not the direct impact in operation. They emailed this statement to Reuters. From this statement it is quite clear, they are very disappointed and worried about this incident.

This report was first reported by Nikki, Nikki told that the most advanced chip-making facility of the company was hit, the name of chip-making is Fab, 18. The Fab18 was one of the most advanced chip-making facilities of the company. One more thing was added by Nikki, that all the latest processors, which was for the upcoming Mac computers and the iPhones were produced there.  The company told Nikkei, “Some of the production lines of TSMC present in the South Taiwan science park had received the certain gases, which were from the suppliers, it was believed that those gases were contaminated. After that, these gases were quickly replaced by the other gas supplies”. They discovered the contamination On Thursday night.

Maybe this contamination came like Apple and the supplier of the company are prepared to start the final touch for their new upcoming iPhones and also new Macs and also they are giving final touch to their product through the end of August. Many sources who are familiar with this situation said that maybe this contamination effect the chip manufacturing process not in a big way,  but in a very limited way, so they will recover from it. Immediately employees were called by the TSMC, those employees had finished their duty and went home, TSMC called them to the factory to took control over the situation. When the employees come they control the situation, all because of them, not so much damage of chip-making process. If employees did not come, they will not able to control this situation. It is good that not there is not huge damage there, because it will affect the process of further devices. As mentioned before, all the Mac books and iPhones are produced there. Sources also clarify that only limited damage had hit the chip-making process.

The company also added a statement that ” To ensure that currently having the production quality there are no issues”, one more thing, “TSMC is right now carrying their stringent of operation of follow up”. For comment, immediately The company Apple did not give respond to recruiters. This Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is a company of semiconductor, which takes a contract from the manufacturing design of the company. This company made the processor for APPL, right now t was hit by gas contamination.

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