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Samsung Rolls Out August 2021 Security Update For These Galaxy Devices – Read To Know What’s New


With time passing we can see advancements taking place in almost every field of work let that be science or business or usage of technology. These days technology has very important and vital role-playing in our lives but we all know nothing is perfect I mean as we are humans we can think that we are not perfect which is a fact but not only that even technology isn’t perfect. That is a common misconception we have as we think that technology is meant to be perfect and flawless but you do realize that this technology is being developed by a human so there will be some flaws of some issue in that too because nothing can be 100 percent perfect. Like for instance just imagine if technology was 100 percent perfect then that day isn’t quite far when we will see robots ruling over the world and we humans are their petty little slaves, so in short everyone and everything has its flaws and imperfections but technology is just used to make our work easier and faster.

Samsung August 2021 Security Patch Update

An example of this would be to take a look into the Samsung updates. I am not going to lie and I have no intention to hurt any Samsung user’s feeling and it surely isn’t to offend the Giant company itself but this is just a fact that the security updates of this Android aren’t perfect at all but since last year with every new update, we have seen that the Giant company is working on its flaw and trying to make it perfect so that the users have nothing at all to complain about. And trying to fix these imperfections is what is the most important and the most appreciated thing because it shows that the company is trying its level best to provide the best to its users and is making sure that the device is as per the user’s convenience and there are no issues that will arise later by the users. So the latest news brings in that the Giant company is rolling out a brand new security update which will be coming in August 2021 but this is only for the Galaxy line-up so my dear Samsung Galaxy users who are reading this at the moment this article is made for you as in the section you will be knowing what exactly will this security update consist of.

Samsung Smartphones

So let me not delay you anymore. After all, I am sure my dear readers are all wanting to know what exactly will this new android update consist of so let me dive into the details which I have received thanks to the whispering of a little bird. Samsung actually started its rollout of the August 2021 security update early on July 27, which is almost a full week before the first Monday of July when Google usually releases the list of core security issues that this patch fixes. For Galaxy owners, it’s a major bonus to be among the first Android phones to start receiving software fixes and one of the biggest reasons to choose a Samsung phone. But sadly the update notes have not yet been shared by the Giant company itself, so it means that we don’t yet know just what bugs or security issues are resolved with all of the latest OTA builds but I am sure we will know that pretty soon as the launch of the update isn’t that far. So I request all the users to be a little more patient with the company to officially release the list of bugs and security issues they will be fixing with this brand new security update. 

In addition to the Galaxy S21 users, we recently got to know that the Galaxy A series users which include Samsung Galaxy A8, Galaxy A52, and Galaxy A72 will also be getting this latest security update. I know it is still annoying you the fact that Samsung has released no official news about the in-depth security issues it will be fixing with this new security update but to be honest there is nothing you can do except patiently waiting for some news regarding that so it is advisable to stay tuned for more news.

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