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Oneplus 7 And One Oneplus 7T Are Getting A Major Oxygen Os 11 Update – Read To Know Why This Special Treatment


There are two smartphones in the Oneplus company, which have troubled and have many issues concerning software bugs and issues. Everyone says, OnePlus 7 and Oneplus 7T are known as the two troubled smartphones of the OnePlus phone company. But a report came which suggest that it may seem that One Plus phone fixes all the major issue of these two smartphones. Both Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7T had launched in September of the year 2019. People who had brought this phone had faced many problems and also report to the company and from that company are trying to fix this issues from many times.

The new oxygen Os has come with major improvements, improved features as well as many other optimizations. In March, the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7T both this phone had received the Android back 11. Both the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T were followed through a build called hotfix, from the company this was build in April. This buildup addressed the bugs present in that update. In simple company again give the update known as hotfix build, this builds clear the bugs which were present in that update. Maybe this seems good to remove those bugs present in the previous update, which came in March.

The update which was for Oneplus 7 and OnePlus 7T had come and fix many issues, optimizations and this update had also come with the security patch, this patch was for June 2021. Both the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T had an update from OxygenOS  Seriously, this update was quite good, it gave many new things also brings with fix and had optimization and it also comes with a security patch. Users feel satisfied after this update and after that their many issues had been solved up to June they have a security patch, till June their phone is also safe.

The important changes regarding the system setting are all about their reduced power consumption, their device not heated quickly. In simple their power consumption of battery becomes reduced and also this new update came having the new and advanced management of overheating control. All credit goes to the developers, they not only solve these issues but also fix the issue of high definition videos, which were not able to play on some platforms. Before this fixing users will not be able to see the high definition on some platforms, they faced many difficulties. So, developers also solve this issue, including major issues.

There were crash issues also in the system of the file manager, this issue has also been fixed and the issue regarding the camera has also been solved, one more important thing is general stability of the camera has been improved. This new update also fixes the dial-pad display effect of UI, present on the phone caller app. Those users who do not have received the update notification, have to wait for few days and this update notification will turn on. Let me tell you one thing, OnePlus has noticed while using a VPN to download the update, this will not work as this update is not a region-based rollout.

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