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After California Sues Activision Blizzard Over A Culture Of Sexual Harassment, Staff Walk Off Over Harrasment Claims


On Wednesday morning, in Irvine, hundreds of Employees who belong to Blizzard had come inside the company’s main campus and had done protest. Irvine is present in California, the employees had done protest against the handling of the company against sexual harassment or charges against discrimination. Employees were so angry and very disappointed at the company and they have four demands and they want that the game studio has agreed on that, if the country will not agree, then, they will also not stop the protest. Their demands consist of mandatory arbitration should end in all employee contracts. From that protestor, one of the protests said to the media,” if these are not fulfilled, we are also not going to stop the fight.

This protest had come after the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing protest against Activision Blizzard, on the 20th of July. The Activision Blizzard is the gaming company, protestor claims that the frat-boy culture, in simple meaning Pervasive culture. In that particular culture, females were harassed constantly, they were discriminated and they were also unpaid. Females have to feel many types of behavior which makes them very difficult to survive in that condition. So employees were angry and want the gaming studio should fulfill their demand.

In the lawsuit, an allegation had alleged on male employees, they gave the nickname to the male employee, BlizzCon 2013 hotel room, the “Cosby suite”, it is the name of the group of employees, where they recruited female employee, for a sexual favor. After that an investigation had done known as a Kotaku investigation, in this investigation, many other employees name come forward who were included in that group. One of the protestors said to the media,” We are seriously happy to see these stories are being forwarded to the market and also appreciate journalists, who bring these stories to market and tell these stories to everyone”. He further added, ” From these stories, we get motivated and committed to our task and we all stand by the victims”. If you see the picture of a protestor, employees stood across the block of two cities shoulder to shoulder and they were holding a sign in which they wrote,” Send the Fraud Boy to school”, and one more ” Women in the video game industry serve a safe place to work”. The energy of the employee was full of motivation and one thing, you would not see the protest chants, just only a few chatters among colleagues. Around the side of the corner, the organizer had made a tent for protesters and full these tents with food and water.

From all these things, it is quite clear, protestors are not going to stop their protest, because they want their demands to fulfill. One representative said that right now, the Game studio does not accept their demand. But they have faith that they have to fulfilll their demand and also said every voice matters and they do not have to right to these thongs with anyone.

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