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Oneplus To Cancel The Oneplus 9T Due To Silicon Problems Anlong With Some Samsung And Huawei Device Launches


Many tech brands are facing a common problem that is causing delays in their launch dates. The common problem is the chip crisis that the mobile industry is facing. All those devices that require an integrated chip to run the device are suffering this problem. Every device today includes an integrated chip.

Smartphone companies haven’t addressed this issue publicly and announced the chip crisis they face but this has been highlighted by many company insiders who know every small inconvenience that happens within the company and have reported the change in dates and schedules and reorganization of certain products.

Oneplus is one of them and the company earlier dismissed its North American Oneplus 9 due to chip crisis and might also cancel the  Oneplus 9T this year.

There are various other brands suffering this silicon problem and they are starting to feel the pressure. The demand is high while supply has been very low. Even companies like Intel have been facing the silicon problem and this problem is going to get worse before it starts to get better again.

Onelplus publicly admitted that due to the low supply of the integrated chips it has canceled the Oneplus 9 base model in both US and Canada. It will not be able to focus on higher GB configurations due to the silicon problem and thus wants to stick with the 12GB RAM, 256 GB.

After the cancellation of the Oneplus 9 base model fans were quite disappointed. But the same problem has led to the cancellation of the Oneplus 9T which has affected the fans even more. Fans earlier were expecting a Oneplus 9T Pro as last year Oneplus couldn’t launch the  Oneplus 8T Pro for some reason. But all those expectations are of no use as even Oneplus 9 has been canceled this year so there’s no benefit expecting the Oneplus 9T Pro. Max Jambor who is a tipster on Twitter did confirm this news by tweeting “No 9T”.

Tweeting this doesn’t completely confirm that the Oneplus 9T Pro is canceled but we can guess what’s coming next keeping in mind the silicon problem. Now we don’t know if our guess is correct because Oneplus’ recent merger with Oppo can also be a reason for canceling the Oneplus 9T Pro. Oneplus has been getting many specs and features of Oppo as we can see from its latest drop of the Oneplus Nord 2 CE 5G.

This break from launching any new smartphone this year can be a good chance for Oneplus to make its brand identity and product identity stronger. The brand officially has a very limited number of phones on the market and thus is considered as a smaller company even though it has a bigger brand identity that it was able to build in a year. As the product diversification is quite small for the brand it can be the main reason for its merger with Oppo. 

It’s not only Oneplus that is facing the chip crisis and has canceled one of its phones but even Samsung and Huawei to face this problem. Due to this Samsung was compelled to cancel its Galaxy S12 FE and Huawei cancel its Huawei Mate 50 and instead focused on its Huawei P50 series.

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