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Fans Disappointed As Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Trio Will Not Have The Exynos 2200 Inside


Samsung has always been a leading manufacturer of tablets since it launched its first tab which was the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab. It was launched on 2nd September 2021.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a line of Android-based and Windows-based tablet computers produced by Samsung Electronics. Even though the market demand and production of these tablets have been minimizing over the years, Samsung tablets are the most in-demand devices for their excellent durability, storage capacity, and battery life. 

As always Samsung will be launching its new collection of tablets next year. This collection will come in a trio. This collection is named Galaxy Tab S8. With its excellent new features and functionalities, it does include certain flaws. All those Galaxy tab fans waiting for this tab to launch with the best Exynos silicon need to calm down before they hear the news.

Samsung from the very start uses its own Exynos processor for all its devices including phones, tabs, etc. And over the last few years, the performance and preference for this processor have been in turmoil. The Exynos 990 considerably failed and did bring in a lot of shame for the brand. But later Samsung tried to cover up this mistake by launching the Exynos 2100 which did become quite popular in the market. Now it promises to bring an even stronger processor, Exynos 2200. This processor can become the hero of the brand with its AMDs RDNA graphics technology that is quite suitable for gamers.

These ADM RDNA graphics are engineered from the ground up with superior performance and power efficiency, RDNA is the architecture powering AMD’s 7nm gaming GPU, delivering 1.25 performance per clock compared to previous 14nm processors.

This powerful processor is expected to first appear in Samsung’s ARM-powered laptops and then in next year’s Samsung Tablet, Galaxy S22. This processor is quite powerful and thus requires strong hardware and software to bear with it. It cannot be used in any device that does not have the capacity to bear the processor due to its powerful processing.

The sad news for all the fans waiting for Galaxy Tab S8 is that this tab won’t run on Exynos 2200 instead it will run on the Snapdragon 895 processor developed by Qualcomm. This news was first published by Sammobile which is an online blog and platform that provides its users with information, news, and insights related to Samsung mobile devices.

One area of the Galaxy Tab S8 where we need to pay considerable attention is the battery department. Samsung has done something new for the users and has included a battery of 11,500 mAh for its 14.6 inch Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra which will be for $1,317. The 12.4 inch Galaxy Tab S8+ will have a 10,090 mAh battery for $1,030, and the Galaxy Tab S8 original model from the trio which is 11 inches long will have an 8000mAh battery for $743. This is good news for the fans who plan on buying the tablet as Samsung is always known for its long-lasting battery life. 

As rumored this trio is expected to launch next year in 2022. It is also rumored that the Galaxy S22 might also launch next year with the Exynos 2200 processor. Now the dates can vary based on the chip crisis that most mobile companies are facing today. Due to this crisis, the tabs may even launch in 2023.

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