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Elire Mg To Construct The Doomsday Vault For Recorded Music In The Svalbard Region Of Arctic Island


Elire Management Group is a commercial venture group. The group is led by professionals experienced in the business. This group is based in many countries with its head offices based in Oslo, Norway, and a global footprint in Singapore, Canada, Germany, UK, and the US.

The group is planning on creating a Global Music Vault that will store all the music recordings till now. This vault is popularly known as the “Doomsday Vault”. It will be constructed on an arctic island and would be somewhere between Norway and the North Pole.

The Elire Management Group is an Oslo-based company. It is famous for providing small businesses, startups, ventures, and global businesses a push to achieve success. They plan and create a commercial strategy for the clients to increase their sales and make profits. They not only plan this commercial strategy but also help the newbie businesses to execute them effectively and gain results.

The Doomsday Vault that this company plans on constructing will entirely be used to store recorded music. The company claims that the building will last for 1000 years. This will only be possible due to it being buried 1000 feet under the ice. The building will be buried in the Svalbard archipelago region. The region is quite durable as it can even withstand a nuclear explosion. Even high electromagnetic pulses can be resisted by this region.

Piql is a Norwegian firm that provides a secure and future-proof way of preserving valuable digital data, offered worldwide through a network of trusted partners. Billboard confirmed that they would be working with Piql to construct this ultra-strong building. They would be using the technology developed by experts in the field of archiving, data storage, and preservation. 

This technology will take the help of binary coding which includes text, computer processor instructions, or any other data using a two-symbol system. The two-symbol system used is often “0” and “1” from the binary number system. Here the experts will work with bits. It will also include high-density QR codes that have a greater capacity and thus store more data than a normal QR code. Both these codes will be written on an optical film with very thin structured layers of different materials.

Talking about which songs would be stored in the Global Music Vault. The managing director, Luke Jenkinson, Global Music Vault, cleared out that they wouldn’t protect only one genre or era of songs. He assured that songs and artists would be selected wisely and all nations would have a chance to present their ideas and even songs from their own country. The final list would be decided through a public vote system so that the list remains quite fair and reasonable.

Jenkinson even elaborated that they would love it if all the nations participated in this process and decided the genre, songs that the Vault will protect. He plans on starting the operations of the vault by next year. In its first stage, the company will try to focus on indigenous music styles which are often traditional music, ethnic music, and take insights from countries and people. Then it will try to focus on Pop, Jazz, and other genres of music.

Due to the region being cold and dry the region is quite suitable for the building. This region is also home to Arctic World Vault which stores all the historical victories and discoveries worth knowing. It is also home to the World Seed Vault which stores and protects all the seeds of the different crops we have on this earth. It is a peaceful place as it is demilitarized.

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