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Dr. mario world will not be available for mobile from November 2021 – What is the Reason behind this decision by nentendo?


Nintendo had transformed their Mario Kart and Pokemon franchise, into a by-product of Mobile. This transformation had done successfully and players and fans became very excited after that because this made it easy for the players to play. As we know mobile products are very easy and safe to carry anywhere. But one news is for you all guys and I know, you become disappointed after that. From November 1st, Dr, Mario will be going to shut down on the Mobile version. Yes, many of you are thinking that this is fake news and everyone knows that, it is one of the best game versions, people love this very well and one of the highly successful series. But, the company has officially announced this, they are going to end this mobile version from 1st November 2021. Let me tell you one important note, the company has also decided to end the sale of Diamond, after ending once use to buy more time, they have to also purchase a pill and also power for strength, now sale is going to end and buying power, time and power up for tomorrow, means 29 July. I know, many OF you are sad after hearing the news of Dr Mario, but one thing is good that anyone can be able to MarioKarr and Pokemon.

If you compare, Mario version from the original series, you can find it seems much similar to that. The game of style of Dr. Maroi is Terris, this game allows you to take pills to zap viruses, which have the same color. Now, if you compare the moves, then in this version also everything moves up, hence due to this, it appears natural on a mobile screen when you flick things around having use of one hand. One interesting thing is that you can involve your friend also because it has a multiplayer mode. Basically, you can love to play this with your friend, colleagues, and many more. This game was developed in partnership through line by Nintendo. The line was Ultrapopular messaging app of Japan, this messaging runs on mobile devices. Now, talking about the launch date, it was launched two years before, on 10th July, in the year 2019. Dr. Mario World memories” is a web page and this is developed by Nintendo to keep game vestiges. On this page, players can visit and allow to look back on their once and recall their memory when this game ends. Seriously, this idea is awesome and players can recall their memories and also view their game history.

Now coming to Mario kart, this is another game that was launched by Nintendo at the starting of 2020. This game has also multiplayer support and is seen that relatively gives the amount of earning for the company. The game was downloaded approx 200 million times and is also one of the successful games. Nintendo has not cleared one thing, what was the reason for Dr. Mario shutting down this game, fans become very disappointed after this.

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