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Cloudflare Slams Aws For Huge Exit Fee To Join Its Discount Data Club


According to Cloudflare, if you transfer data from Amazon Web Service, this is going to cost you. They claim Amazon service is becoming very costly in transferring data and they blame Amazon Web Service. The Provider of Cloudflare has blamed Amazon for giving a high service network to the users due to these high charges, it is difficult for the users to use this. Customers are facing trouble in transferring their data to a different cloud. As we know, a Pandemic is there, and people are facing problems everywhere and after having all these problems, Amazon is also becoming costly in terms of transferring data.

If we have remembered the alliance of 2018, In 2018, Cloudflare had launched the alliance known as the Bandwidth alliance, in this alliance approx fifteen countries had come. In this alliance, all the computing providers of the cloud had to take a decision. In this, all fifteen come and make a group and committed to giving a discount in data transferring to another cloud. They aimed to give reduce a fee in the form of a discount or their entirety. They also made several plans, like how they reduce their fees and how to give a discount to users. According to them, they only want to give better service to providers in some discount or a deduction from total fees.

They make contact with several companies for this alliance. They are Alibaba, Automatic, Backblaze, Cherry Servers, Dataspace, DNS Networks, DreamHost, HEFCIED, KINGSOFT Cloud, Liquid Web, Scaleway, Tencent, vapor, Vultr, Wasabi, and Zenlayer. These were the companies that allied with Cloudflare and try to give many new facilities and provides help in transferring data in some less amount than other companies. Cloudflare also talks with Amazon Web Service for this Bandwith Alliance, but Amazon web service had refused to involve in any kind of alliance, actually what was the reason not involving in this big alliance, still not known and also a matter of debate today. The companies which were involved in the alliance had made a list. Cloudflare company told that they have one of the best lists of the company which provides commuting service. About these companies, Cloudflare also added, these companies are one of the best in the field of transferring data. At the time, there are lots of rumors were spread concerning Amazon. Let me tell you one important thing, Google and Microsoft also did not join this alliance, which was based on giving a discount to providers to transferring data in the different cloud.

According to a new blog post, which was from Cloudfare CEO Mathew Prince, “they said Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure will going to give some discount for their Cloudfare customers”. In their recent blog CEO of Cloudflare and Rao has claimed that Amazon’s pay service is taking extra charges from their customers and their customers pay more than our alliance. Till now, Amazon does not say anything about this blaming post. It is quite interesting to see the reply of Amazon about this post.

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