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Blackberry Smartphones Makes A Comeback – But Can It Regain Its Popularity In The Smartphone Market Again?


I know most of you are very familiar with the name of Blackberry phones. If you look back, this phone was very popular and people and users loved their features and body, but time changes everything. Since last year August, Blackberry has been present in the list or can say that portfolio of Onward Mobility. Last year, 2021 Blackberry promises to come back with new smartphones. After hearing this news, users and fans had become very excited and start losing their hopes for upcoming blackberry phones. This is due to after the announcement, Blackberry coming with the new smartphones, they have not launched anything regarding new smartphones like their design and features, nothing, they have not shared anything. So people remembered only promises, but also they have not got anything, so they think this was a rumor. But yesterday, The company had launched the program of pre-commitment, after this launch, all users and fans become very excited regarding this, they want to know everything. The pre-commitment program consists of a new few information and has a subscription list. After this, program, there is hope in fans and users that this phone is on the way and they are so excited to know about this so much-awaited phone. One thing from this list, that Blackberry has to stand on its promise.

This pre-commitment list has a subscription plan, all we know these days subscription plan is very famous these days and it grabs attention very easily. The subscription plan also feels you special than the general one and more features are also available on this list. The subscription list of Blackberry has some information, and the list is basically for partners and fans.  From This list, fans and partners will be able to receive information on a product, feature and their availability, and many more. They get this information before the general public. From this subscription list, it is confirmed that the product is likely developed. Now, if talk about Onward Mobility, they have experience in the field of security of devices, but if you look about the Onward Mobility in the field of  Hardware, literally, they have no expertise experience. So, not being expertise in the hardware field, they are moving towards the company of telecom and the influencers also, we all know every well, that the telecom service and influencers know the audience and their customer very well, they know what they like, what offers they like. Hence this is the most probable reason, they move towards them.

So, one thing is clear, that the Company blackberry does not break our hope and coming with new smartphones, all thanks goes to Onward Mobility. In their glorious days, the Blackberry was once the most famous and offers a high price phone, people used to love their phone, but after the arrival of Android, the market for blackberry collapsed. Android gives most advanced features than Blackberry and people started attracted towards it.

What do you think about the price of Blackberry, will they sell their phone at a high price or come back at a low price due to market rebels.

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