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The Next Fortnite Event Is Rumored To Involve Ariana Grande – Everything To Know

Hey, there is a new leak.  This new leak has confirmed, that there is a plan for the game event. Yes, you have lots of confusion regarding this, is this right or not. But believe this leak is confirmed and so, you do not have to take any stress. I know many of you becoming also excited, after hearing this news leak. This new leak has confirmed and claimed also, that this event is going to take place on the last day of July, 31. What do you think, is this treat for players, because as we all know, players are a fan of the specific female pop star. If read the news leak, many information has been given there. If you believe in that information, then according to that Arisa Grande is going to a game event. Arisa Grande is a very popular singer and actress.

ifireMonkey posted the leak of ” Fortnite” and also told that On 31 July the event is going to take place and you might be experiencing the Ariana Concert”. This posted was posted on Twitter and after this many fans like this and they also comment on that, it seems that fans are very excited. So, from this post, it is confirmed that there is no rumor about this event because it is officially posted on Twitter. Are you excited about Ariana Concert”? What do you about the event? Let me tell you one thing, there are many rumors spread before this leak, so it is difficult for you to believe, but this is true. Because the date of the event has been announced officially. Players of  Fortnite are waiting for the Ariana Concert, which is going to take place at the end of the month. The Leak also suggested a release of the v17.21 patch, which may be this will release in the next few days. As per ifireMonkey, the patch shall be likely the encrypted files, these files are required for the event.

If you look at the previous hint or leak of Fortnite, they also suggested the Arian concert, which is going to happen at this event. Now, a new leak is furthermore advanced and informative, than previous one, because it gives the date of the event when this huge event is going to take place and also that Arain concert is going to be in the last of the month.So, fans become more excited for this event and only a few days are left for this event.

Fortnite is a type of online video game and this game has released four years before that is 2017. This game had developed by the Epic games. Fortnite is present in three different modes, it totally depends upon players, which mode they are like to play. Players are independent to choose their mode. The name of the first mode is “Fortnite- Save the world”, the second is “Fornite Battle Royal”, the third is “Fornite Creative. All these modes are loved by Players, seriously they loved all modes.

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