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OnePlus Nord 2 Comes With OxygenOS As A Skin On Top For The ColorOS As A Result Of Oppo-OnePlus Merger


OPPO is the parent company to Oneplus but the line that keeps both these brands different from each other is slowly blurring out and in a few days we can see a product that has qualities from both these brands in it. 

Recently Oneplus CEO, Pete Lau gained a position in Oppo, and after that Pete decided that Oneplus would now start using Oppos Color OS rather than the original Hydrogen OS that Oneplus is quite famous for. The Color OS can be seen in some future phones that Oneplus will develop. But the company did confirm that they would be using the Colour OS for Chinese models for now and do not plan on using it for models outside China.

One more big update was the merge of the software teams of both companies. This merger did lead to the union of the two companies OS. Oxygen OS and Color OS were merged by the software team which could be found but not seen in the Oneplus Nord 2.

Onelpus made another announcement that it will be merging part of the business with Oppo, especially the R&D. This is quite concerning for Oneplus as Oppo is an older brand and is quite established in the market than Oneplus which is quite younger and has a lower fan base.

CEO of Oneplus Pete Lau did see the negative effects of the partnership but ignored them to see a brighter picture of the merger. Due to this merge, Onelpus will be able to offer its users a much faster software update, unlike its old updates which were quite time-consuming, to be honest.

All these announcements and the results of it are all promises that both, Oneplus and Oppo, need to work together and bring to action for the users to actually believe in them. 

Talking about the new Oneplus Nord 2 that launched recently many users have tested it and haven’t found any flaw in the functioning of the device. Oneplus Nord 2 markets itself with the Oxygen OS 11.3 but underneath it actually runs the Color OS of Oppo.

This detail according to 9to5google wasn’t mentioned while marketing the phone, in its ads, or even in the description of the device. This detail was mentioned in the reviewer’s manual that comes with the phone inside the box. The changes that Oneplus made by going from Oxygen OS to Color OS were all made in an invisible manner that the users wouldn’t understand and point out.

So we can say that Oxygen OS has become a skin on top of Color OS to make the Color OS seem more attractive and more appealing. 

These updates and change from Oxygen OS to Color OS has not caused any problems in the Oneplus Nord 2 so the fans are not furious about the merger of both these software companies. For all the Oxygen OS fans there is bad news. Oneplus affirmed that they would not be bringing the Oxygen OS soon but they might bring it someday but not in this year. They wish to experiment with the Color OS for now.

Also, Onelpus after the launch of their Oxygen OS 11 did prove that they always want to give their customers a better user experience. So even if the company is parting away from Oxygen OS it will always make a decision keeping their customers in mind.

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