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Microsoft Preparing Some Of Its Apps For Windows 11 By Giving A New Design Overhaul


As we all know, Microsoft has made new Windows for operating their device and after this announcement everyone just talking about the new Windows 11, their features, working experience and many things. There are lots of rumours, regarding this new operating system, many people find difficulties in belief, in which rumour they will believe and in which they would not. We have already learnt about many things about Windows 11 and a lot of information are present regarding this Windows 11. A report has come in which they reported that Microsoft is making their Apps redesign for this operating system, believe this does not rumour. So, read this article you know everything about this.

Microsoft store is ready to bring with Windows 11. As compared to Windows 10, Windows 11 is faster, developed. It has new interfaces to the start menu, a developed action centre and many more things are present in the new Windows 11. Everyone is respected that Microsoft brings some new app in this windows 11, so as expected Microsoft has developed few apps and these apps have fresh paint. In simple, these apps are not coming with those boring and old coated paint, this time these apps are freshly new and do not follow the previous app colour, but a fresh coat of colour.

Now, coming about the design of Windows 11, these are completely different from all other previous Windows apps. This version of Windows is all about design, a new interface and many more things. It has a very advanced version of designing and one more thing it adopts in the Fluent design of Microsoft having with Mica. Mica offers this windows 11 cleaning interface having better consistency. The making of this Windows-only purpose is to provide more attractive features and a better way of understanding between humans and computers. They also try to make these windows very attractive as mentioned earlier, they coated fresh colour to the app. In previous windows, corners are shaped in sharp shapes but if you talk about these windows, have rounded corners. The main reason for building round corners is to give a more human and approachable language, one more thing these round corners will improve more productivity and it will provide the features of a multitasking experience.  This new operating system of windows is very helpful for everyone and fit in any group. All the users of Android are going to love these features because of their multitasking experience.

I know you all are very excited to know when this window is going to roll out and when you have these features and many more. There are rumours which were spread based on the relating date. But we give exact information about this. In October windows, 11 will be going to Roll out and dates are not confirmed, hope so we will get dates very soon. Microsoft has planned to come with Fluent and WinUI redesign, this has been redesigned to all major apps like photos, paint or they also redesign the Notepad. As mentioned earlier, Windows 11 is all about designing and advanced features.

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