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Oneplus 10 Series To Include A New Battery Technology With A Safety Chip And Gallium Nitrate


Oneplus the Chinese consumer electronics brand quite famous for their high end smartphones recently launched the Nord 2 CE 5G. There are rumors that Oneplus might be coming up with the Oneplus 10 series which will have a 5000 mAh battery.

Oppo, the Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company, recently announced a new battery technology. Oppo and BKK Electronics is the parent company of Oneplus. Oppo does claim that this new technology that it has developed has an amazing battery performance and it has also focused on making certain safety upgrades for its users. It does claim this only to be  better than the VOOC 2.0 system.

This new battery technology will have a  charging capacity/ rate upto 65 W which is similar to the VOOC 2.0 system but it is expected that this technology will include a higher capacity. It is expected that the next gen phones from these brands and their subsidiaries will include greater battery capacity. 

Over the years some battery capacities developed by the brands include the 65 W charging rate battery which is the highest of all. With this charging rate you get a 4500 mAh battery. With a 65 W charging rate you will need to charge for 30 minutes to reach 100 percent.

Now the OEM does believe in itself and is sure that it can develop a battery having a capacity of more than 4500 mAh and a faster charging rate than 65 W. They  believe that they can develop a SuperVOOC 2.0 for the next gen phones.

Oppo in their meetings and conferences has revealed a lot about the new battery technology. This battery will come with a dual cell form. They are connected together internally in series, but from the outside they usually look like a single item. The new battery that Oppo wants to launch for its next gen phones will be divided in the middle by a polymer divider. Thus this battery will have two compartments which can be seen from outside as well.

One more important thing included in this battery is the safety chip. The work of this chip would be to scan the battery completely from time to time and detect any overheating or voltage spikes during charging. This will alert the users thus protecting the users from any further damage and also alert them that their battery needs to be replaced.

Also these batteries will now include Gallium Nitrate in them. Now talking about this substance, Gallium Nitrate is the gallium salt of nitric acid. It is a widely known material and companies are starting to use it  for semiconductors in chargers. It is also a popular material for solar cell arrays on satellites. The main thing about Gallium Nitrate is,  when it comes to chargers, is that it produces less heat. So it is preferred by the tech companies over any other chemical.

This inclusion of various features into the battery will protect the battery health and retain 80% effectify and health of the battery. This retaining will continue even after the battery is charged for more than 1500 charging cycles.

Thus we can see these batteries in the upcoming phones from Oneplus, Realme, Oppo, Vivo etc.

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