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Intel Finally Eliminates Cannon Lake Graphics Support – Everything You Should Know


Intel is an American technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Silicon Valley. It is popular for its cloud computing, data center, and providing PC solutions to make the world digital.

Intel’s Cannon Lake is a codename for the 10-nanometer die shrink of the 14-nanometer Kaby Lake. This processor for ages has been quite rare and could only be found in the Core i3 8121U. Over the years the production of this processor was close to zero. With the Gen 10 graphics enabled the SKU of the processor never actually happened. With such downgrading results, Intel decided to completely stop its production and eliminate the graphic support of the Cannon Lake processor.

The Cannon Lake/ Gen 10 support was earlier removed by Intel from their Mesa drivers,  which is an open-source software implementation of OpenGL, Vulkan, and other graphics API specifications. Now Intel plans on removing these processors / graphic support from their Kernel driver support with the i915 Direct Rendering Manager Driver. These Kernel drivers are programs written against Windows NT’s native API (rather than the Win32 Subsystem’s API) and which execute in kernel mode on the underlying hardware. 

This news circulated on Friday the 23rd of July where Intel revealed that it will eliminate the Cannon Lake CNL support from the Intel Linux kernel graphics driver. Intel is actually facing trouble bringing this processor to desktops and thus is eliminating it completely.

This isn’t the first time that Intel is eliminating graphic support, earlier it stopped producing Ice Lake which also is a 10 nm processor. This was specially developed for their mobile series but the Intel developers couldn’t execute the project further.

The Cannon Lake got popular in China with the Core i3 8121U processor. Later this processor shipped with disabled graphics support which made the company declare that Cannon Lake is officially dead. The company too had cunning feelings towards Cannon Lake.

Earlier the Intel Linux graphics drivers did have a code for the Cannon Lake CPUs. This code initially used the 10 Gen iGPU. Due to backlash during the first Cannon Lake graphics support no more chipsets were released during this time. Intel decided to fix this problem by making changes in the code which were quite extreme.

 Intel’s Linux Driver Developers feeling towards Cannon Lake are quite clear. The merger reduced the Cannon Lakes code by 11,000 lines which should be understood by the users.

Intel does feel that Ice Lake is quite better than Cannon Lake as the earlier shipments of Ice Lake did take place. Intel would explicitly talk about Ice Lake being its first 10nm shipment and happily forget about Cannon Lake which has caused a lot of problems and money to Intel. The products which included the Cannon Lake and the chips designed to fit in the products were later canceled by Intel. One place or product you can find which has the Cannon Lake in it is the popular Chinese Ideapad, quite famous in China. 

Ideapad is made by Lenovo and they are quite famous for being education-focused. These Pads are durable great for basic tasks such as browsing the web or watching videos, gaming, etc.

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