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Google Discover Tests Show Tappable Article Keywords With Topic Pages


Hey, Good news everyone, Google is doing something very big for enhancing their features and this is going to be very helpful for all users and this will be going to provide very simple and time-saving features.  Google had started the spread out a new redesign of discovering feed, this redesign version is available in most of the ANDROID phones and this new redesign version is available on the left side of the screen. This redesigned version has come live for mobile phones, these phones are running on the platform of Android 12, after this, Google is trying to spread out these features more streamlined in the older version OS device. Testing is showing by Google discover, this testing shows related of article keywords.

Between the headlines and bottom row, the keywords start appearing. These keywords are now present with some additional features like having the name of publication which is related to keywords, time of publishing, author name and any other information are also present in this. If you visit any site, then you see articles are present having generally three things, these things consist of AMP/Web stories, sometimes youtube videos are present and all these things have placed buttons which is the shape of Pill shaped. So, some of these topics may lack important things and also sometimes featuring one topic. So sometimes it shows Google removed the description of the content and we have to depend on this solely, have to depend on photos and those of cover image which comes with the article. These taps open another article for news information, having that same keyword, these features are assigned through Google. Google provides these features just to give a simple and easy way to search articles. Seriously, these features of Google provide one of the most convenient features, and just by tapping you switch to another article without refreshing or you do not have to perform any other things or any other activities. By this feature, just search one keyword and you will get all other options that are based on that article. Everything is included in that after searching specific keywords. You will get everything like publication details, time of uploading, and all necessary details.

With the new features of addition, all those keywords are available in the overflow menu, these keywords give you all necessary details, so from those details, you can easily mark those words like “not interested”, example if you are not interested in any specific things, simply mark not interested after putting you can not see that things again. If you compare these features to other previous features, this provides a more advanced and granular version. This improved availability gives more helpful benefits to visible topics. Let me tell you one thing, this is not the first time these keywords also before appear. But problem is that it was not widely launched in January. This feature is part of this today’s development. However, this test is currently available on the latest beta version only and for Android, these features had spread out on Friday afternoon.

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