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LG Launching Its Air-Purifying Masks With Built-In Mic And Speakers – Will It Be Useful?


With this ongoing pandemic in mind, there has been one business which has been excelling a lot and that is of sanitizers and masks and now keeping that in mind I am seeing that all the other businesses let that be electronic or clothing they have also started the manufacture of masks with their logo and will obviously add a twist of their own to make the masks more sophisticated and complex but at the same time will benefit its buyers. Like for instance these days the clothing manufacturers are making masks of the same print as the clothes they design so that the person buying it can also get the same mask to go with the outfit. Many people also have started their small business by selling masks and with each type of release of the mask they have become way more sophisticated and complex to wear and function with. I feel they should make masks that will not make a person’s spectacles go all foggy due to the exhalation because that surely is a problem for every spectacle-wearing people. 

By now I am sure that you have figured out today’s topic of discussion or maybe at least what it is related to. Yes, you have guessed it right it is related to masks. So we all are familiar with LG Electronics Inc., which is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. LG Electronics is a part of the LG Corporation, which is the fourth-largest chaebol in South Korea, and its global sales reached US$55.91 billion. It comprises four business units: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliances & Air Solutions, and Vehicle Components, with Starion India, as its main production vendor for refrigeration and washing machines in the Indian subcontinent. So it had announced the release of its mask with the feature of air-purifying and it was quite a success as it was safer and obviously many people chose to go with that as keeping in mind today’s condition health is the utmost concern for everyone. So now LG has decided to upgrade their air-purifying mask named LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier by the addition of mic and speakers. Now technology never fails to awe me as the normal masks which were once worn only by doctors during surgery are now being worn by everyone because of the pandemic but technology can’t miss a chance to shine so now it has even helped in the evolution of masks. 

LG had first announced their mask last year, which uses replaceable air filters and built-in fans to filter the air and now with this new version it has a smaller and lighter motor, as well as built-in microphones and speakers that amplify the wearer’s voice and this is done by the usage of a technology which LG is calling as the VoiceON technology which will automatically recognize when users are talking and amplify their voice through the built-in speaker. Although till now we have no official news about the price or the availability of this mask, what we do know is that the new LG PuriCare will be making its launch in Thailand next month and to add on with the description of the mask it weighs 94 grams, has a built-in 1,000mAh battery, and recharges in two hours via USB and not only that but the company claims it’s comfortable enough to wear for up to eight hours at a time, but that will only be sure once we, as the buyers, wear it and then we will find out whether the claim is true or false.

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