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Google Revealed The Name And Features Of Its Samsung Co-Developed Wear OS, Coming With Galaxy Watch 4


Samsung and Google a few days back revealed that they would be partnering together to develop a new operating system that can be used in Samsung’s Galaxy watches and Google’s wearables. Both these companies aim at manufacturing watches that have 30% more efficiency and higher performance and on-point sensors.

The Operating System OS that Samsung watches will be using is co-developed by Google. Samsung will not be using the old Tizen-based OS in its future smartwatches. 

Some features of the new operating system co-developed by both the companies have been earlier revealed during the Google I/O 2021. The event was held this year between  Tuesday, May 18, through Friday, May 21, and revealed many new updates from Google that will be coming this year like Android 12, Pixel Buds, Pixel phones, and the most important one of all the new Wear OS.

In the event, Google revealed the features of the new Wear OS.

The name of this OS was still unknown until today. Google recently revealed the name of the OS. This new operating system will be called the Wear OS 3. This new operating system does not mention Google in it as it was co-developed by Google and Samsung and includes the best bits from Google’s Wear OS, Samsung’s Tizen-based watches, and Fitbit fitness. This Wear OS 3 will be available in Samsung’s new smartwatch launches like the Galaxy Watch 4 and the  Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. All the smartwatches that will be launched by Samsung in the future Wear will include the Wear OS 3.

One important news for all the former Galaxy Watch users is that the earlier watches will not be upgraded to the Wear OS 3. This operating system will only be available for smartwatches launching this year after the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

 The old watches will still have the Tizen-based operating system installed in them.

There are four such Galaxy Watches that will get a Wear OS 3 update. They are the ones who already have the Wear OS 2.x  running on the smartwatches. This update will be available to these users next year from June or July. Samsung did confirm that it will not make the Tizen-based smartwatch users feel isolated and thus will provide 3 years of software updates to these watches. This is a move to remain connected to its old users who bought Samsung to where it is now. These users will also get new features for their watches.

What makes Wear OS 3 more efficient and why is it a better choice over the Tizen-based operating system? 

The Wear OS 3 is said to provide better and higher performance. This is due to the new UI design that the Wear OS will have. This feature guarantees higher performance and extended battery life.  The apps you run on your smartwatches will open 30% faster than usual Wear OS.

The next feature it includes is better health tracking. This is possible due to the inclusion of Google’s health tracker. In the new Wear OS 3, in the place of Samsung Health, we will have Google’s own health tracking app which promises to give better results.

The Wear OS 3 also will provide more third-party apps for installation on the device and these apps can further provide the users with their own UI customizations which can thus enhance user experience. Samsung did say that these UI customizations will be called One UI Watch.

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