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Google Doodle Champion Island Game Is The 16-Bit Olympics Inspired Game That You Can Play, And It’s Awesome


 As you all must have seen that today the display of Google was not in the normal way like it usually does in the other days when we see google coming in a colorful manner but today instead of the normal colorful alphabets of google it was a bit version and going close towards the new google logo it states that ‘Doodle Champion Island Games begin!’. Now, this must be very confusing for all of us as we don’t exactly know what this Doodle Champion Island game is. So for those who don’t know today is the start of the Olympics which is taking place in Tokyo this time and it is huge as we get to see all our sportsmen and women taking part in that championship starving and fighting to be the number one and make their country proud and outshine their country from the crowd. 

So Google decided to take a fun creative initiative and is celebrating both Japanese culture and the beginning of the Olympic games in a unique interactive doodle manner. This interactive game which Google came up with is playable on any browser on desktop or mobile, in addition, that the Doodle Champion Island Games is the largest and most in-depth interactive Doodle has created to date. It consists of anime cutscenes created by Japanese animation company Studio 4°C. As Lucky the calico, players arrive on an island celebrating a festival with a series of 16-bit-inspired sports-themed mini-games. There are seven in total, each based on real events in the Tokyo Olympics: table tennis, archery, skateboarding, climbing, rugby, artistic swimming, and marathon.

Not only that but for an even more competitive spirit, the players can also choose a team to join at the start, each represented by an animal mascot. Ushi the cow in Blue, Karasu the cow in Red, Inari the fox in Yellow, or Kappa the turtle-like yokai in Green. As you beat each event’s champion you will then obtain a sacred scroll, and the most amazing part is that Google is also tracking the total score while the Doodle is live over the next couple of weeks until the end of the Tokyo Olympics to see which team will emerge as the victor. This personally I feel is the best initiative taken by the Google company to keep its users engaged and gives a time off to even relax a bit by playing these fun games. Doddle has taken out a lot of games like baseball, cricket, basketball, and even PacMan in the browser but by far this Doodle Champion Island Games is the best as with the mixture of anime which has a huge fan base all over the world it will attract more people and make it even more interesting for them. And the games involved within this is also good as it is based on the real events in the Olympics so is definitely going to provide the players with a very real experience of how the things are in the Olympics although they will be doing it sitting from the comfort of their homes via a laptop or a desktop computer. Nevertheless, we wish all our players all the very best and hope that they bring the trophy to our home not only that but all the best for all the participants of the Olympics.

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