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Bip Encrypted Messaging Review – Is It Useful? Everything To Know


Hey, today’s article is based on a review of the messaging app. I know most of you are not aware of this app and you will get a little bit confused after reading the heading. So do not worry, I am here to tell you everything without confusing you and you will know everything after reading this article and know about what is Bip app is. In our today’s world, many messaging apps are present, we even do not know which is secured or which is not, message is unsecured on this messaging platform or may be accessed by third parties. Many companies all over the world are knowing collecting personal data and it may create a problem, if something inappropriate or insensitive content may be shared.

According to our Bip review, this app seems to provide a secure messaging service and this is going to be available on both desktop and mobile range of service. This app has claimed they are going to provide the fastest messaging feature along with video calls and audio calls. Like other encrypted messaging service app, this app is also provided free service and no charge for download. One important feature is, You must like this, in this app you are not annoyed by the app. This is definitely a nice feature because ads are not present on everything and people are annoyed by these things so this app is good and different from other app. You can download this app both from the Google Play Store or from the Apple play store. This is great both Android and iOS users can download this App. But there are important things, which you will notice, there is some option purchasing, hence what is this and is this any premium option, we are not able to understand this.

This app is upcoming encrypted and offers attractive features. One important feature of this app is the ability to send self-deleted messages. In simple, you can set a timer for your message, which means you can set the reading time of this message, and after over the reading time, the receiver will not be able to read that message, after the timer is out. After the timer is out, the message is permanently deleted. Their multilingual support is seriously awesome. In this app, there are more than 100 different languages. Bip messages are available on both platforms. You can able to translate the message into your native language by pressing a single click.

Hey, you can able to send money by this app. You do not need an account number, IBAN, or anything similar. In this app, simply you can send money to another user, having the touch of the screen. In simple just tap, the fund or money will go.

If you want to use this app, download it from any store on your phone. Enter your phone number for sign in and for account setup, follow the promo. After this setup, you will be able to send a message, do audio calls and video calls. You can use this app on your desktop, but before this, you have to do sign in your phone.

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