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Apple Releases Lossless Audio Feature In Apple Music For Android, Available To Beta Users Now


Apple will bring its Dolby Atmos feature and lossless audio quality to Android soon this year. Apple Music is well known for the music quality it provides to its users. For many years Apple has been providing music to its users with spatial and lossless audio quality. 

This feature of Apple has the power to make a normal song, music sound extraordinary. Apple uses Dolby Atmos which is a surround sound technology. It expands on existing surround sound systems by adding height channels. Apple also provides the lossless audio feature whose files contain 100% of the audio data and they offer the highest-quality sound to the users. 

Both these features were available in Apple Music and could be accessed by Apple users through their Macbooks, Pads, iPhone, and later also supported the Apple Airpods and Beats earphones.

This feature wasn’t available for Android users in the beginning when Apple first announced Apple Music’s availability to Android users. But recently Apple revealed that this feature will now be available for Android users as well.

All those fans of incredible music can experience lossless audio quality and Dolby Atmos only after they sign up for the beta app. This feature is still in testing so the users need to sign up for the beta version of the Apple Music app. Users can also wait till Apple officially releases both these features for the Android version of the app. One tiny problem with the beta version would be certain bugs that might occur while you run the application on your phone. This is due to the underdeveloped features of the app and thus can ruin your app experience but if you are ok with it you can sign up for the beta. The Beta version does have limited slots available so if you get it you should consider yourself lucky.

One more important thing is that the feature will only be available for devices that are compatible with the feature. Now it is not yet what a compatible device looks like but it is assumed that devices that already have a Dolby Atmos feature on their speakers will be able to access it like the Samsung Galaxy S 10, Sony Xperia X 1, and Nokia 6 are some examples. There are many Android phones, cheap to expensive, that have the Dolby Atmos feature on the speakers. Apple Music will be available for your phone if you have the feature.

The spatial audio feature is the most liked feature of all and thus Apple has created playlists with songs that replicate a mood and you can enjoy them in the Dolby Atmos feature. To access these playlists you can just visit the Apple Music apps home screen and you can find them there so there’s no chance you miss it.

For all Android users, the lossless audio feature is available in the beta version, and songs will have a lossless quality label beside them. Now, this feature will not turn on by default, you need to turn it on by going to your Apple Music settings and tap on change audio quality.

Here you get four options-

  •  High Efficiency: ACC 256 kbps with low data usage (Cellular only)
  • High quality: ACC 265 kbps 
  • Lossless: ALAC up to 24 bit / 48 kHz 
  • High-Resolution Lossless: ALAC up to 24 bit /192 kHz. 

The Lossless and High-Resolution Lossless will use a lot of data and so you need to have an unlimited data pack in your device to enjoy the music for longer hours.

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