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Twitter Is Testing Reddit Like Downvote And Upvote Buttons For Tweet Replies On iOS, Android Users Have To Wait


On iOs, Twitter has started testing a reaction of upvote and downvote buttons. This report has been confirmed by the platform microblogging, According to this platform, Twitter has started testing upvote and downvote features, this feature is available for some users on device of iOS. This news is confirmed after many screenshots of the test reaction were shared by the User. Those users were part of this testing reaction pattern of Upvote and downvote. Before the screenshot shared by the users, many people believe that this was fake news or someone spreads this news for publicities. But after the screenshot shared by the Users, who were part of this test, the microblogging platform confirms this.

To the help most relevant replies on tweets, Twitter is testing these features. In simple, they want to help those relevant replies by giving upvote and downvote buttons. On its official support account, Twitter wrote,” On iOS, some of you definitely see various options for giving reaction on tweets, just like giving upvote and downvote”. Twitter said also, “that they are testing these features to know about the replies types you find connected in a conversation, so we are working on these features to present more types of tweets to you”. They wrote all these things to support them officially. They also added, if anyone downvotes any tweets then those tweets will not show publically, but if anyone upvotes any tweets, those will show publically. Simple they want to show those tweets to users, which they find connected. This feature is basically similar to a feature of Reddit for the downvote and upvote system. Reddit’s feature used to give platforms for replies of the subreddit’s replies for the post, replies, and response. Generally, these features are similar to Reddit’s features.

Twitter explained this further, in which they mention, “This test was simple and this test was for research right note”. They also said, the reaction for Downvote is not a dislike button, and hence, this downvote cannot change the replies order. The downvote is generally for reaction not for anything or any purpose. They said,” Downvote is not a dislike button. we only do research experiments, the icon shape like thumb down is a downvote, this helps to understand that what you think about and will this reply is connected to you. We want to better stand the replies type you do, and which reply you do not find connected”.

Social media is a great platform for experimenting with the reaction to Tweets. For tweets, they reported further that they are also working in emoji type of reaction. For Tweets, microbiology platforms are working for, giving Facebook emoji and microbiology platforms also working on heart-shaped emoji, these heart-shaped emoji are present on Facebook. This feature was leaked by the App researcher Jane Manchun Wong, He told about this in May and had also shared some of the discovered features. He added that Twitter is working on Tweet reaction view they are like, Haha, Cheer, sad and Hmm.

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