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Not Google Drive, ‘Backup by Google One’ is Google’s New Unified Android Backup System – Is It Better Than Google Drive?


Hey, Good news for every Android user and they do not have to download any other additional apps to back up their contacts, message, photos, because Google is going to gift them additional features for backup. Yes, this is not a rumor, this is real and announced by Google.  So, I would like to recommend you this article, for knowing these features of Google, how can use these features, the benefits of this feature, where this setting is done in the Google app, Which Android users can use these features, and many more. So, read this article and you know everything about this article.

The rebranding and improving Andriod backup has been done by Google, so silently. The new improved features of Google are coming with some notable features, this is coming under over the android backup system, these features aim to manage backups. The dubbed name of this feature is ” Backup by Google One”. Google announced these new features without any celebration or any funfair party, just silently announced these features. Everyone is so amazed and the main cause of happiness for Android users, they have to download anything or any other app from the play store. It simplifies the backup for Android users.

The amazing Android backup system is going to give backup of a particular app, message, history of calls, contact details, photos, and many other things. Before this, people use to download one additional have, that is Google one App, from the play store for getting backups of photos and contacts. But after this app, you do not have to do anything, Google modifies their backup system under the setting page of Google, the name of this “Backup by Google”. You can simply use this app if you want to take backup and you can search or get your backup-related options. From this new system, you will be able to control your content of media and photos to Google Photos, but before you have to depend on the app of Google Photos. This backup by Google one makes the system of backup easy, no extra effort you have to do for backup. But before this, you have to download an additional app from the Play store. If you want to use these features, you have to buy any subscription plan from Google, this is going to be available for Google account users. Let me tell you one important thing, this backup will not be going to use your google free 15GB of storage. In simple, you have to use your phone space, make sure you have proper space in your phone for Backup.

This feature is going to be available on all Andriod 8+ devices. Many users of Android does not about the app of Google one app for backup purpose. So Google has made these features under one-page setting and makes this feature easier, as compared before. After completion of this “Backup by Google” Google officially announced this, many of this will be going to complete over the coming weeks.

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