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The “Brickit” App Smartly Suggests You Of What Can Be Build Using AI To Scan Your Pile Of Lego Bricks


If you are a Lego fan then this is good news for you because now you have an app “Brickit”. Where you can search for new ideas related to your Lego. This app is based on a new AR app which means an Augmented reality app. AR app is a software application that integrates digital visual content into the user’s real-world environment. It will scan your old pile of Lego and then tell you what you can build. So this is an app that gives you new ideas to make something interesting with your Lego.

If you are the kind of person who really likes to collect Lego and make something great with that Lego so this app is for you. There are many people and some of them keep their Lego with the original set but on the other hand, some people keep it in their bin. Where you can’t recognize what should you make. Most of the time the collection of your Legos are scattered in your houses and you didn’t find what to make with these Lego. So now you have a good option to create something genius with the help of this Brickit app. This is an IOS called Brickit app and how it works let’s see- It demonstrates the idea which you have Lego firstly you just need to spread your bricks and it should be quite clear for the app. So it can take a proper angle on the bricks and make sure that bricks are not in bunch form.

Then you need to open your Brickit app and click on the scan bricks and take a photo. After this, you can see it scan all the items then tell you how many bricks are, then you need to click the ok button. Now you can find out all the different models that you can build with these bricks. Now you have different ideas on your phone with your bricks. And also it tells you that how many bricks you need and how many are not found. It tells you the steps that hats your need and how can you make it, it give you step by step solution. And also tells you where is your brick on your screen. So these are some of the things that make it easier for you and you have new ideas to create models.

So this is really cool for you now because you have so many options to create models with these bricks it’s up to you that how can you make them. If we talk about initially when we make anything with the bricks then there was no rule but from this app now you have a proper step-by-step procedure. And if you follow this procedure then really makes you something greater with your bricks. So these days we can see these kinds of tremendous ideas which is based on AI(Artificial Intelligence). That provides you a real-life-based solution and which is more convenient for you.

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