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Samsung Phones With A Telephoto Camera Lens Will Get A Pro Telephoto Mode Soon – Here Is How It Can Be Useful


Samsung phones for a long time have been popular for their excellent security and privacy features and are preferred over Chinese phones. These Chinese phones are demanded due to their wide camera options and displays.

Samsung is all set to launch a new feature in the camera section for its fans. It is quite a struggle to go through the camera settings again and again to adjust and click the perfect picture. Samsung wants to make it easier for its fans by introducing a Telephoto lens that will behave as a professional camera. Samsung wants to do this for all its mobile photographers.

The telephoto lens will have autofocus much faster than the original camera of the phone and will zoom and focus itself on a person or scene. To include this feature in the camera Samsung would need to balance these functions by using certain controls. This feature will work by itself.

To access it you just need to click on the Pro mode in your camera settings and it will get activated. This feature is already available in many smartphones nowadays like Vivo V20 and many more. Samsung will use this feature for its telephoto camera as well.

This Pro mode will give the users the same level of experience that they get from a professional camera. It will have the same controls and features as a professional camera and will provide you with the same amount of dials and knobs.

These telephoto lenses included in smartphones will not completely replicate a camera as they lack space to include advanced hardware that a professional camera has. But the camera can help you take professional photos without struggling with the camera settings and if the photographers wish to have a more crisped photograph they can edit it later. The phones cannot help you achieve a look that the telephoto automatic lens cannot capture or create.

We have always seen that Pro modes are limited to phones. The Samsung phone’s telephoto camera is rumored to be a 

 7.5 MP main camera. This is quite low in MP as Samsung has had phones in the past which have a telephoto lens with more MPs, like some of its flagship phones. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has a telephoto lens of 12 MP. 

Some Samsung users of the flagship phones have asked for the Pro mode for two Samsung flagship phones, the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S21 Ultra. Now, this can happen in the near future as Samsung did look into the requests and a meeting was held according to a forum moderator in the South Korean Samsung community. So such an update might soon be available for the flagship phones. The one who presented the model of the telephoto lens did confirm that the lens will have the ability to zoom in and open through different angles, balanced white light, exposure and include controls like ISO which means it will control its sensitivity to light.

Samsung plans for these features will not require it to include new hardware into its phones as this can be done with simple updates and changes in the camera settings. The users can update their phones to access this feature.

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