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Qualcomm To Launch New Snapdragon Wear Processors, Aspires To Compete With Apple’s Smartwatches


With an increase in the usage of smartphones, we also saw an increase in demand for smartwatches which have been upgraded day by day. For a long time, these smartwatches have been using the Wear OS. This Wear OS earlier came in the Android Wear avatar. 

It was popular and demanded due to its excellent performance rather than brand name or value. Wear OS has been considered quite satisfactory. 

Wear OS has always had hardware that was not as advanced as its existing competitors at that time like Apple’s Watch and Samsung’s Tizen-based Galaxy Watches. This year Google too has focused on launching some smartwatches and Qualcomm wants to join the competition and prove itself.

Wear OS has always been criticized for the chipsets it has been using. Qualcomm earlier introduced their Snapdragon 3100 in 2018 which till now has been used in many smartwatches. But this chipset has become quite old for this new generation. 

Qualcomm introduced another chipset which was the Snapdragon 4100 and 4100+ which has been used in a few smartwatches.

There might be some restoring done on the Wear OS which can attract users to the Google wearable platform but the restoration will need some new hardware that Google will need to work on. 

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 4100+ is a very powerful SoC that will require new hardware if it is installed in any smartwatch. According to many insiders, it is rumored that Qualcomm is investing in resources to launch the new Snapdragon Wear chipsets. They might be available till next year.

This clearly states that Qualcomm will come up with their own smartwatches the next year but not just invest in their own smartwatches but also expand their company to new levels. It might launch new products which belong to new domains.

This news spread after Google and Samsung expressed their partnership in the production of smartwatches. This was the exact time when Qualcomm’s news about the launch of the new Snapdragon Wear went around. This happened last year in May. One reason for Qualcomm to launch its new flagship premium wearable would be to prove that it still rules the market and is a major force in the market.

Qualcomm also introduced a program called the Wearables Ecosystem Accelerator Program which focuses entirely on placing Qualcomm in the spotlight in this new generation of Wear OS devices. This initiative focuses on helping the smartwatch makers make the best products at low cost, delivering a high impact performance for the devices, bringing various smartwatch parts producers together like ODM  and OEM manufacturers to those who look after the systems and keep their own smartwatch platform that is the Snapdragon Wear In the center of the market.

This program will help various smartwatch producing industries as many outsiders will invest in their industry through the program. This program totally aims at increasing the smartwatch industry and also competes with Apples Watches which are considered the best till this age, even though Google has its own wearables. Google smartwatches are criticized for having certain flaws like not having accessibility to Youtube music, etc due to which Google has not been rated as the best smartwatch producer yet.

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