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Fans Rejoice As TikTok Rumors To Return To India As ‘TickTock’ – Everything You Should Know


As we all know, TikTok was deleted from our Playstore due to some issue. Many fans were disappointed at that time they have also raised some videos regarding this as they want to TikTok but nothing has happened at that time. As you all know, many people became famous from this app. People treated them like superstars, and they also felt the same. Users of TickTok also got some added film at the time. But, due to some issues, this app was deleted. So, this article is very useful for those who love TickTok, read this article you know everything about this and you want the latest update and why this App is coming. What will be the name of App, if this is again on the app store and many news related to this. Are you excited about this, I know you all are very excited?

Earlier, the game PUBG was deleted from the app store, because this game came into some tragedy as this game had some allegations like they were sending data to the Chinese government. But this game into India this year as a Battlegrounds Mobile, because PUBG before using Tencent server, now after coming this year, it is using Indian server. A report is indicating that the same thing is happening for TIKTOK, as this is coming in another name India. The new name of this app is ‘TICKTOCK’. Let me tell you one thing, this app is very popular for short dance videos, users can make short funny videos too. Very soon, this app is coming into our Country. This information regarding this app was leaked by Byte Dance having the controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks. In simple, it was filling trademark application. The application form was filled on this month, 6 July. Let me tell you one thing more, this was first recognized by Mukul Sharma. Mukul Shara is Tipster, who gives Tips on Twitter. He firstly leaks about this news, that TikTok is coming as ‘TICKTOCK”.

In our Country, last month a report was reported, that reported suggested, Byte dance has been prepare to resume its operations. This company was banned because the Indian Government claims that this app was giving personal information to the Chinese government.  But this time again this company is coming and it has to follow rules and regulations of our country with new Rules of IT sector 2021.

Last year lots of Chinese apps were banned because of some official issue and they had also an allegation to share personal details with the Chinese Government. Many clothing apps, Shein was one of them. But this year, lots of apps are going and they have to follow new IT rules.

Fans of TikTok are very excited about this and many people also thanking good because they gain lots of popularity from this app. Mainly this app is used for making short dancing Videos.

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