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Youtube Acquires Indian Social Commerce Startup Simsim – Everything You Should Know About The Aquisition


Thursday, a piece of news was announced by the Google firm, in this announcement they said a new startup has obtained by Youtube. Youtube has acquired a startup, the name of this startup is Simsim. Simsim is a social commerce startup. One thing is coming in the news, about this startup, both Google firm and YouTube firm have not revealed anything about this startup and they are not telling anything about this startup. But, two people know this deal and what is the purpose of this deal, amount of this deal. Both of them disclose little information.

One of the pieces of information is, The Indian startup TechCrunch has valued at around seventy million dollars. Yes, this is real news, not a piece of fake news.

Now talking about Simsim, Simsim is two years old company and the company had gained about seventeen million dollars, which were before today’s announcement, but in series B the company was valued at fifty point one million dollars which is in its series of the year 2020. Series B is the financing around.

The headquarters of this startup is in Gurgaon and this startup helps many small business platforms in India, which is the transition to e-commerce, this startup helps businesses through the power of using video and creators. These startups present themselves as the platform, and this platform connects local businesses, influencers, and customers. In simple, this startup helps business by making video and creating, and after that, it spreads this to local business, influencers and customers, means working as the Platform.

According to Rohan Malhotra,  he gave thesis of Good Captial, ” as per him, Micro- influencer is very effective for building a targeted audience and also helpful in audience growth, these influencers are also helpful in making in entertaining experience and also for making trust and for the message. The social media platform basically not monetizes meaningfully through advertising good models, this social media platform gives more opportunities for deep platforms. New users of the internet can also gain experience through these platforms and need a confident seller, which gives the experience to replicate this market the offline e-commerce experience which is used in this market”. Co-founders of Simsim told that the main aim of starting Simsim is to help the millions of users, which are across India shop online and this will help small brands, company and sellers to sell their products by using the video and creator content, and from this, they will gain the trust of users. The founder of Simsim Amit Bagaria, Kunal Suri, and Saurabh Vanishtha all said this statement together. Both Amit Bagaria and Saurabh Vashishtha were working in Paytm together.

Gautam Anand wrote in a blog,” for youtube, this obtained is very useful for enabling the video streaming and this streaming is very useful for small businesses.”

On Tuesday’s announcement, Google’s latest push in India, they are going to committee invest approx  10 billion dollars in upcoming next year.

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