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The New Mozilla Firefox 90 Web Browser Has A Few Tricks Up Its Sleeve Including SmartBlock 2.0


Firefox is a web browser that is also known as Mozilla firefox or Simply firefox and it is a free and open-source web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. If you are a user of Firefox then check your version go in the upper right hamburger menu go down to help and then you’ll go to about Firefox you will see that you will be moved to 90.0 is the latest firefox browser. What is in here in the new features is the first one background update so one of the things that a lot of browsers like google chrome do is that even though they are closed they can actually still update in the background in windows.

Well if we talk about firefox so you needed to have it running for it to actually update well now in windows the background update feature is now available which means that starting with version 90 even if you don’t want to use it. It will update itself when there are updates for the browser. The other feature that they having is more information and information about the third-party modules that are not signed by Mozilla and Microsoft. This means that there is third-party add ons that go to browsers and these are signed by a different company and often approved by major companies to make sure that they are safe. So in this case Mozilla and Microsoft and windows will often sing and add on it’s safe and there is no problem.

But some add-ons that might not be signed are still safe but there are also some add ons that could be unsigned and that are not really safe it could be malware, it could be just because one module is creating crashed. So if you want to check that you go to “about: third-party” and then go to third-party module information. And then it will give you details, what is in the modules and firefox that were not signed by Microsoft, and then you can check more about the crashes. Firefox 90 support for FTP is now totally removed because most of the browsers finding this insecure.

It also provides better security features that make it easier for users to keep eye on their protection and it can happen without breaking individual websites. In HTTP mode only the browser has now the possibility of having your exceptions to the rule. So the HTTP mode only that was added in here. So here is the possibility where you can manage your exception, and enable the mode only then you will have to manage the exception. You will be able to add websites that you want to go to the HTTP version. So these are some interesting things you can see. If you print to PDF you will now have working hyperlinks in the PDF files. Before you have only the option to copy paste and now you have working hyperlinks. So now you can check it on your browser because it is available now.

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