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The Latest Beats Studio Buds Is Now Available To Buy In Selected European Countries


I guess after reading this article all of you will be running here and there to get your hands all upon this product. So, this product which I am talking about is known as the Beats Studio Buds and to be honest these days we all prefer wireless and Bluetooth electronics other than the wired ones because for obvious reasons. Like for instance the wires will not get tangled up and will not even irritate the users and also that Bluetooth things are more classy and they look really good not going to lie but everyone who buys Bluetooth headphones somewhere or the other have this is in the back of their mind. Now, what is so special about the Beats Studio Buds that you all will be hurrying to get them. Well, sit tight because this product’s review says that it is one of the best wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation and this will be available to you at a much lower cost than the Apple Airpods Pro which has the same feature but it is much more costly than this. Not only that but the Beats Studio Buds also has fast pairing and anti-loss features for both iOS and Android, now this is definitely rare and the Beats Studio Buds have been able to do this successfully this just takes the earbuds to a whole new level.

Adding on to that the Beats Studio Buds have a much less large and lumpy look with the same features as the other earbuds like the Apple Airpods Pro, which just makes them cooler. But the main Beats Studio Buds flaw is that they come with 15 hours of total battery life which is on the short side compared to the competition and that they can only pair with one device, while some devices can switch between a couple of devices without needing to repair. So if these things are not going to act as issues for you then you should definitely go for the Beats Studio Buds as they are cost-effective and have just the features you require to disconnect from the crowded and loud world and just need to escape from reality and enter the world of music.

Recent news also brings in that Apple has opened orders for its Beats Studio Buds on the other side of the Atlantic, with the wireless earbuds now available in several European countries including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Additional retailers like Amazon and John Lewis are also selling them so if you are in any of these countries you have an option to go to the store and get them otherwise the option of online retailers is always open to you. The Beats Studio Buds was launched in the U.S. and Canada last month, Beats Studio Buds and giving you a better description of the buds it is a compact round design without any “stems” dropping below the ears, unlike the AirPods Pro. Not only that, the other key features of the Beats Studio Buds include up to five hours of listening time per charge with active noise cancellation turned on, hands-free “Hey Siri” support, IPX4-rated sweat and water resistance, Find My support, and a USB-C charging case.

So what are you waiting for my dear readers if you are looking for Bluetooth earbuds this is your chance so don’t let it slip.

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