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Pokémon Unite Launch, Log In To Nintendo Switch Version Before 31st August To Get The Unite License For Zeraora


Pokémon UNITE,  Nintendo’s new game can now be pre-loaded on your Nintendo Switch before the actual game is launched. This is free for the players and will require 928 MB of space. Tencent and the Pokémon Company wanted their players to get a free-to-play version of the game. Pokémon UNITE is scheduled to launch on 21 st July, Wednesday, 2021. 

This game will be available for Nintendo Switch users for now. One good news for the fans is that if you log in to the Nintendo Switch version to play Pokémon UNITE you will receive a Unite license. This license will be for Zeraora. The Unite license will allow the trainers to use their Pokemon in battle as well. But this license will only be available till 31 st August and on Nintendo Switch only.

Zeraora is an Electric-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in Generation VII in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It has special abilities and in a blink of an eye can cover the distance between itself and the opponent. Zeraora is often compared to a lightning bolt because of its superfast nature. It also has the ability to tolerate any extent of outside harm or injury. It also possesses a unique ability called Volt Absorb which helps heal other Pokémon health when they are hit by an Electric attack. One new feature you get with the Unite license for Zeraora is the Untie move. This Unite move will create a blast wherever you target it and also create a layer of plasma around the area where the blast occurs.

Pokémon UNITE is the very first game that completely focuses on  Pokémon team battle. It is the first-ever game to focus on team battles. The players will team up and create a team of 5 members each and will fight against each other. The team members will be required to compete with each other to win the battle. Their sole task would be to destroy the wild Pokémon. If they win the battle they get the opportunity to upgrade their Pokémon. The battle will also be time-based so each team would need to fight against each other within the time frame and earn more points than the opposing team to win the battle.

The game Pokémon UNITE,  is absolutely free for the players and you aren’t required to pay anything but within the game, there are certain in-app purchases that you can purchase if you wish to.

The game will be available on Nintendo Switch from tomorrow. But for those fans who don’t have the Nintendo Switch, the game is expected to be available for mobile devices from September 2021. The game is player inclusive and thus will include various languages you can play it in like French, Italian, Spanish, German, etc.

The ones who want the Unite license will need to log in to the Nintendo Switch version for the game and access the Unite license for Zeraora by the in-mail system which can be found inside the game. But to access the license you will need to log in to the Nintendo Switch before 14:59 PM UTC Tuesday, August 31st, 2021.

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