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Ubisoft Teases New COD Style Tom Clancy Universe F2P Game – Everything We Know About It


Ubisoft is known as one of the biggest companies for making thrilling and adventurous games, this company is a French video game company headquartered in Paris, its video game franchises include For Honor, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Far Cry, Rayman, Rabbids, Watch Dogs, Just Dance, and the Tom Clancy’s series. The company was founded 35 years ago by Guillemot Family, in current news and a short clip revealed on Twitter by companies official Twitter handle the rumors that had been made has now come to take a shape of truth.

This 25 seconds clip revealed that the game is set in the Tom Clancy Universe also it was teased from the company’s official Twitter handle about its new game’s reveal date that has been set on Monday, 19th July, in the short clip of the game the Tom Clancy logo was seen though the logo got distorted after a while, also the clip showed that it may have lesser military themes, and may set scenarios of counter-terrorism, political disputes, etc., the player in the game can be seen holding a gun which seems similar to an AK 47 family of guns with a shield in the hand giving a protective cover for the virtual player in the game to whom enemies could not shoot.

The game was set up to have a teaser released by 11:15 am PT/8 pm CEST, few more online platforms have shared clips of the game showing an invisible mode for the player and sonar grenade, also it seems like a run and gun nature game just like the classic “Call of Duty” game mode. The game may have graphics as Tom Clancy’s “Ghost Recon”, “Rainbow Six Siege”, and “Splinter Cell”. Previously it was rumored with a name as “Battlecat” which was earlier described to be a hero shooter that had a relative similarity as of Tom Clancy games, after the clip was revealed many of the Pro gamers speculated the clip and came to a point that the new IP of the game will be F2P (Free to Play) based as the company has to have a more sustainable and persistent business model for the games, previously in past this move was also taken as to create more excitement for the new “Assassin’s Creed Infinity” project and the upcoming “the Division” games.

Though the latter had free-to-play titles and the former had a live service support model which was also seen in GTA 5. The elements of the game are concerned to have a tactical shooter with the elements of a co-op RPG in a tactical shooter. Although the company has always given their users a better experience regarding gaming their games have different kinds of graphics and the franchise of games keeps the thriller from the previous game to be in a continuation, every time Ubisoft has given their best in their game UI, hope this time the number of rumors may have the same impact as the teaser had.  So these are some of the things which we will see.

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