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iOS 14.7 Officially Released For Apple iPhones: Every New Feature And Update In The Operating System


Yet again Apple brings in a new software update and I am pretty sure it will keep us all astonished after all Apple has never failed to amaze us. And with this release of iOS 14.7, it fixes all the previous bugs and even introduces new features so without any further delay let us see what is included in the iOS 14.7 and what makes this new software unique from the other recent updates like the iOS 14.5 or iOS 14.6. Apple’s iOS 14.7 was released on Monday and it is a relatively small update compared with April’s iOS 14.5, which included the ability to unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask, to stop apps from tracking you for advertising purposes, and to choose from four Siri voices. Still, Apple iOS 14.7 brings multiple new and useful features, like the MagSafe battery pack to support your iPhone 12. So if you are planning on buying a MagSafe battery pack for our brand new iPhone 12 then you will firstly need to update your phone to iOS 14.7 and then only will this accessory work otherwise if you haven’t done that yet then the accessory will not be functioning if you have already bought the accessory and wondering why it isn’t functioning then I guess you have already found your answer. 

In addition to that, we saw that iOS 14.6 brought Apple Card Family support, and now with the brand new iOS 14.7 software update, it has added the option to combine credit limits and share one co-owned account with an existing Apple Card user. Apple is also planning to launch an Apple Pay feature to let you buy the product than pay for it later. So a lot of plans by the Apple company to make it as much as user-convenient as possible and these days as everything is taking place online so what is the harm in having a wallet online so that even if you forget your wallet/purse at home your phone and the online wallet it has will save you from embarrassment and will be the hero for you at the moment.

Adding onto that we have seen through all the software updates that Apple has been updating its HomePod by addition of new features and all and even in this new software update although they did not get the Lossless playback with the Apple’s smart speakers but not to worry as they will also be here pretty soon. Not only that but there are also new enhancements in the Podcast library. So we all saw how with iOS 14.5, Apple launched a redesigned Podcasts app. With iOS 14.6, the company released subscriptions for channels and individual shows. Apple launched with iOS 14.6 subscriptions for channels and individual shows on the Podcasts app and with iOS 14.5, a redesigned app and now, iOS 14.7 brings a new tweak. The podcasts library now allows users to choose to see all shows or only followed ones.

So in short there are a lot of new upgrades to make your experience, even more, better and get you to enjoy everything from your phone. So if you still haven’t updated your iPhone, grab it right away and install the update just like I am going to do right away.

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