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Shanghai Dragons Defeat Chengdu Hunter In The OverWatch League Summer Showdown, Winning The $100,000 Gold Prize


During the Overwatch League match, Chengdu Hunters did make an impression but the win was stolen by Shanghai Dragons who won and got the prize money.

The Shanghai Dragons are a professional team. They play in the Overwatch League and are ranked 7 th in the Pacific East Division. 

Earlier the team won in May Malee and had stocked enough gold but, its win in June Joust has gained them more gold which can help them in the next match. The amount they won was $ 100,000 in the second match in which they defeated the Chengdu Hunters. They even gained more experience in the tournament and a firm position in the Overwatch League. 

In the OverWatch League sometimes the winning team would be required to replay the tournament where they need to win to basically get the honor. But during the 2021 Overwatch League in June the winning team that is Shanghai Dragons didn’t need to replay the tournament by going against the Dallas Fuel because the Chengdu Hunters already defeated them when they were sent by  Shanghai Dragons to the Losers’ Finals. Over here the Hunters won the fight but couldn’t win against the Shanghai Dragons in the Finals.

These teams battled against each other in July. We have results from the last three days where we can see how the Shanghai Dragons won. 

On Thursday, July 15 th, the first day of the tournament there was a match between Chengdu Hunters and Dallas Fuel where Chengdu Hunters won by two points.

The next match was between Shanghai Dragons and Atlanta Reign where Shanghai Dragons won by 3 points the other team didn’t score any points.

On Friday, July 16 th,  the second day, the match was between the winners of the first day, the Chengdu Hunters And Shanghai Dragons, where the latter won by 1 point. In the Losers’ Bracket, the match was between Dallas Fuel and Atlanta Reign where Dallas Fuel won by 1 point.

On Saturday, 17 th July, the third day of the tournament, this was the final round between the Losers and the Winners from the previous day. In the Losers’ Finals, we had Chengdu Hunters and Dallas Fuel where Chengdu Hunters won by 3 points. The final match was between the winners, the Chengdu Hunters, and Shanghai Dragons, where the latter won by 3 points, thus winning the tournament.

It was quite surprising for everyone when they saw Chengdu Hunters in the finale. Everybody doubted them and they were more of an underdog in the tournament they didn’t have many fans. It was very impressive to see them reach the finals and even score a 1 pointer lead. It was something the audience never expected.

The victory of the Shanghai Dragons shows how they are the real heroes of the Overwatch League. Their fine play and planning, teamwork and their hard work was the reason for their win. They proved their standing by winning the Summer Showdown. During the finals match between Chengdu Hunters and Shanghai Dragons, Fleta showed everyone that JinMu is not the only lone Pharah specialist. Even Fate proved his strengths by leading the Shanghai Dragons.

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