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Microsoft Sharepoint Added New ‘Boost’ Feature Which Allows You To See The Top News Feed Across Microsoft 365


As we know that people work with SharePoint in many different ways. Microsoft SharePoint is a lot more than just an application installed on your computer. SharePoint is a platform to create powerful websites and with those, you will have access to the feature allowing you and your team to work together.  We create websites or team sites that are commonplace for people to work together to store and save documents find information that they need and so on. We can create a site collection with many different websites and subsites and then invite our team members to work on a site and easily collaborate. It’s all about sharing.

If we talk about a new feature that is added to this, is News Boost Feature which will allow admins to boost crucial news and they can add a news post on an organizational news site. It’s like increasing the readability so employees can read easily. So this is basically where people can prioritize news so it will show that news on the top. This helps people can read the important news so easily.  You can access this feature from the command bar. And there is an option where you can prioritize the visibility on a news article according to you, you can set the time and control.

Which article you marked as a boost it will show as Boosted News and lightning tag. We can access this feature It will come last in July or maybe in mid of August. It is like for news that’s very important, being able to take it and boost it to amplify it and stop this piece of news from being buried. You will see the news is of course available on SharePoint home. News shows upfront and center on SharePoint start pages. This is a way that you can show off mews in your company in a very beautiful manner. You have might be noticed on the left-hand side we have a news app bar and you will see the news icon on the app bar on the left-hand side. And then click you can see the latest news.

So then you can see the important news it has also different features like auto news digest.  This feature auto news digest will send you a summary of key news to users of news, they have not read yet. One thing that is really nice about that is that it only shows only news articles that you didn’t read. So it shows only new items that you didn’t read yet. So SharePoint news shows up beautifully. You can easily get your message out to all users at your company. And users can feel confident that they are up to date with the latest news at your company.  So these are some of the things that make it unique and helpful for the organization. These features enhanced the performance and help to access an important news article if you missed it. So this is a great way to share your news which can be seen by everyone.

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