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A 30 Minute Trailer Of Warframe: The New War Gameplay Unvieled By Tennocon, The Game Includes New Quests And Abilities


Warframe’s new game, The New War which is a narrative arc and the most talked about topic of the gaming community has relieved the game in a 30 min trailer. 

The reveal happened at the TennoCon Fan Festival. The trailer was revealed to the fans. The game is mostly mentioned by the fans as an explosive, expansion game after watching the trailer.

This game was all set to release last year but got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the release of the game this year is confirmed and to prove it to the fans the Digital Extremes released the 30 min trailer. In the trailer, they showed a new quest that the game will include.

You can access the gameplay trailer through Youtube or it is available even on Twitch VOD. 

The New War is a quest game and is one of the biggest quests Digital Extremes has ever created. The New War is a visual game. The Sentients who are the enemies have unleashed a war on a scale the Origin System has not seen overages. The Sentients are actually machines who have invaded the Origin System which is the whole world that the players explore during their quest. These Sentients have a prime motto, which is destroying every form of life living in the Origin System. The game starts by showing Cetus, which is a human colony living on Earth, is attacked by the Sentients. They have been killed by the Sentients. There is a scene shown in the trailer where a human child confronts a robot who is a Sentient and the surrounding is filled with dead bodies of humans.

The reveal occurred on Saturday, July 17 at 12:30 p.m. ET on TennoLive at 5 p.m. ET on Twitch and Steam. The main benefit the fans got when they watched the life was they could get a free arsenal while watching the trailer. But you were required to link your Steam account to your Twitch to watch the life if you were a Steam user.

One new feature that The New War game comes with is you can take control of any character beyond your Warframe. In the trailer video, the fans could easily get lost in the game due to the amazing graphics and storyline. The initial scenes of the trailer show Grineer soldiers fighting the Sentients on the open-world plains of the Eidolon zone. This is the main thing that attracted me and made me feel as if I was in the game. It feels more like a story-driven game than any other normal shooter game.

In the trailer, the characters have the ability to control each other and thus they shift their roles again where they control Corpus engineer Veso, who is a robot who is fighting in the Orbit of Earth. Every character has different abilities and thus Veso possesses special talents where he can command others to attack soldiers. One drawback of Veso is that he is quite bad at combat skills and cannot fight.

Then in the trailer enters Tensin, one of the main characters from the previous quest of The New War. He is quite strong with excellent combat skills. He is an amazing swordsman and has special abilities. He can engage in close-quarter combat and he is quite smart. In the trailer he unfiltered one of Sentient’s warships thus destroying it completely from inside.

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