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Whatsapp Now Offers Cloud Backups That Are Encrypted As Well – Everything You Need To Know


It has come to my notice and I think it has come to everyone’s notice that WhatsApp these days has been rolling out a lot of new features and I wonder why because to be honest the more the features it can be even more confusing and annoying for the users as adapting to the new feature is one hell of a task if the feature is not that easy to understand or locate but then there are some features which increase the security of the users of WhatsApp which is very much necessary especially with the fact that these days cybercrime is pretty much on the rise and with the apps we use is there is guaranteed security of the data it becomes safer for us using. So I feel that Mark Zuckerberg is trying to have growth in its fan base but then they should also keep in mind that rolling out feature is not the only thing the users need to even adapt to it and not face any difficulties because more the features there is a possibility of the increased amount of bugs which can lead to an unpleasant experience. So if they don’t wanna lose their users they need to keep these pointers in mind otherwise soon they will have to dive under the complaints coming all over the world.

Now I am sure you all must be wondering why am I suddenly talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the hot new features rolling out of WhatsApp. Well the app developer so WhatsApp has recently rolled out a brand new feature for the Android Beta users and I feel this is one feature that was needed as with this feature now all your backup in the cloud will also be encrypted and protected from a third party’s eyes this feature is visible in the Android beta update. So I am sure you all must be wondering how exactly does this feature works? So basically all your chats will be password-protected, so you will have to create a password using which you will be able to restore all your chats. Do note that if you forget the password, then WhatsApp won’t be able to restore your chat history. So my dear readers keep your password in your mind or note it somewhere because if you don’t you can kiss goodbye to all your previous chats. In addition to that, it was asserted that “this password is private and it’s not shared with WhatsApp, Facebook, Google or Apple.” So the password is only known by you and will not be known to anyone else hence increases the security level. This feature also supports a 64-digit encryption key that can be used to restore your password but this WhatsApp will help generate a random 64-digit encryption key, again if you lose this key, then you won’t be able to access all your data. So in short if you forget your password or this 64-digit encryption key you will have to bid goodbye to all your chats and pictures and I am sure none of you want that so please be careful with this. 

This is not all WhatsApp has also added a new feature called HD photos in which you can choose in which quality you want to send the pictures although they are not of the very best quality as after all there will be a little compression which will take place but this time the compression algorithm they are using is different than the previous one as before they allowed to keep about 70% of the quality of the original picture, but large photos were always resized whereas in this new algorithm they are allowing about 80% of the original quality and, if the photo is bigger than 2048×2048, the image might be resized. So it will be a better quality picture than the previous one but not to its best quality. 

Although there is no guarantee when WhatsApp will launch these features it is confirmed they will launch and that also pretty soon so till then wait and see when it gets launched.

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