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Reina & Jericho Trailer Launched At PAX Online 2021 – Watch It Here


Reina and Jericho Create a perfect chain of cause and effect in Reina & Jericho, an intense story-driven adventure through a fortress defended by Reina’s worst enemies. Confront Reina’s past, present, and future as she battles her foes and bends time itself. Reina and Jericho is the first game of  Reclamation which is based on a time travel twist. Dave Wightman, who struggle a lot to start his first game. After he is taking leave from his job and then moves forward and start the development of this game with his wife. Then founded a Reclamation game,  from this foundation the first game is Reina and Jericho these are the characters.  This game follows a Metroidvania-style game that follows Reina and her wandering Jericho who is lost away. So she rescued Jericho. While holding Jericho, she reaches a fortress and he found herself in a mighty artwork is captured, that lets her manipulate in time.

She is not knowing anything that what is happening but she unfolds the many mysterious stories in this fortress.  Reina and Jericho’s CEO and developer Dave Wightman, who tells about this game that how it takes a wide range firstly they start as a small project that Dev completed this in his free time but it took a bigger. That’s why he and his wife thought to set up Reclamation Games. Now Dev and his team are giving a lot of effort to make his game extraordinary. So they putting lots of effort to make his first debut game Reina and Jericho the best. So the story is basically around a time travel mechanic, it is a 2-D  platforming, exploration, and combat game. It is a different game and it is based on a unique time-traveling mechanism.

So in this, you will see Reine whose main purpose is to find Jericho and leave all of this behind. Normally It would be impossible for her but she will find a way. She has lots of great power which help her to fight all the evils. So this is a challenge for Reine how she fights with all the things even she has no power, status, or money. She will fight with dangerous despot where she found some of the things like her weakness she faces over and over. So in this, you see a time travel where she will doing something then she will go her past like memories her past feelings.

After that when they meet then both have the power to encourage them, so in this, you can see when they both meet then both feel courageous. So this is a kind of game where you can see any time Reine beats a room of enemies and gets some item for chest and then travels back before that moment it doesn’t reset anything but yes you can see the past memories and you can learn the things. So this is an amazing game and maybe it will release in 2021 so they are doing their best to hope so it will release soon.

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