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Intel Releases Non-Beta Gpu Drivers For Windows 11 That Has More Features And Supports WDDM 3.0 Compliancy


So as we know Intel releases its first GPU driver for the window 11 Operating System. You can see the newly released Intel GPU Driver version Window 11 is known as the best operating system for gaming and it has many features like Auto HDR, DirectStorage API integration for improving your performance in gaming. This is the first preview that is available for the tester because it is a Beta version that has been released now. This beta version supports window 11.  This driver is based on WDDM 3.0, It is a Windows Display Driver Model(WDDM). It is the graphic driver architecture for video card drivers running Microsoft Windows versions beginning with Windows Vista.

If we talk about some features like Auto HDR, it was a feature that is first introduced with Microsoft’s 9th-age Xbox console. Windows 11 automatically adds high dynamic range (HDR) enhancements to games built on DirectX 11 or higher than previously only used standard dynamic range (SDR). So these are the things that they updated. Auto HDR supports new features in this operating system. This is good news for the developers as they can run full fledge Linux apps in Windows and Microsoft is promising that it will be good. It is the first GPU driver from the Intel side and after some time you will see AMD and NVIDIA are also ready to release their driver soon.

Some of the highlighted points as it supports f1 2021, and it also optimizes the load time and stuttering in Moonlight Blade DX12 and Call of Duty: warzone, so these are some of the things which help in gaming purposes. And we also know that driver is an important part in our computer system it helps to communicate operating system with hardware. And every part needs to update its driver that gives flexibility to your computer. You can check the full checklist supported operating systems and Intel hardware on the release notes page.

Maybe this updated version helps users because people have faced so many problems in the past so it will help users. And also users faced so many problems with their previous drivers but now they have a better version of the driver which helps users. This new driver is available in an archived and executable file so you can use what you want. It will also fix the problems with sleeping and resuming when using HDMI 2.0 monitor. And also display doesn’t light up when you return from sleep. Some of the issues also resolve it that make it better from others and unique. It is more beneficial for the gaming world because it provides more features where you can play the game which you want. Window 11 will be provided as a free upgrade for customers who run window 10 on their devices but it is possible only if the system meets Microsystem’s new hardware requirements for an operating system. So it’s good news for window 10 users. It will help you to connect with updated drivers and give you new features to access it.


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