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Xiaomi Surpasses Apple To Become World’s No.2 Smartphone Maker In Terms Of Global Shipments And Eyeing Samsung For The No. 1 Spot


Hey, everyone Good news for Xiaomi users. I know all the users of Xiaomi are very happy after hearing this.  I know, many of you do not know what the Good news is and am very excited to know. So, I would like to recommend all the Xiaomi users to read this article,  I hope so many of you understand what this article is all about and I know you want every piece of information regarding this. You wanna know how this has become possible. Many of you have doubt also is this rumour or truth. So, believe me, this is not a rumour read this article and you will understand everything.

As, we know Xiaomi is a Chinese company,  and this company makes smartphones. You will be amazed after hearing this, This Xiaomi company left Apple and become the number two smartphone maker. This news came out after the results of the second quarter. This news does not rumour, On Thursday a report was published based on Canalys firm which was based on market research. Seriously, this is a very big achievement of Xiaomi, This company left an Apple company and become the world second company maker of smartphones.

Now talking about the research firm, they had researched the market and make a report which truly indicates that Xiaomi trumps Apple and capture the second position. Let me tell you the data which had given by the Research firm. Now coming to data of the Company, this time there is an increment of seventeen per cent of share in the worldwide, according to shipments of Smartphones and if you compare this increment from the first quarter, you can see the difference, there is an increment of thirteen per cent from the last quarter. This is the first in the history of Xiaomi, it gets increased in such large amount and most important thing is, this Chineeses company left the Company Apple and took the second position.

In the second quarter, there is the growth of twelve per cent shipment in the Global Smartphones. This time is this shipment is lead by none other than Samsun, the growth rate of Samsung is nineteen per cent having a share. If you see Apple Smartphones, they come in second place in this second quarter. Now if you see the growth rate of Apple with share, it is about fourteen per cent, this is quite less than Xiaomi.

If you compare the price of Apple and Xiaomi, there is a huge difference between there is price. Apple is approx 40 to 70 per cent higher than Xiaomi, not only if you Compare Xiaomi with Samsung, you will see the same results in comparison between prices. Both Samsung and Apple made costlier phones as compared to Xiaomi. A main factor of Xiaomi to be placed in the second position is all about their market shipment, this smartphone is loved by all people across the overall world. Xiaomi Shipment increases more than 300 per cent in America and both in Europe and Africa, there shipment got increased.

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