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United Arab Emirates Using Weather Manipulation Technology To Cause Artificial Rain After Heatwaves


As you know, Monsoon arrived everywhere, many of you like this season and enjoy this enjoy. But sometimes this season turns into a big problem. These same things happen in the United Arab Emirates. In the United Arab Emirates, heavy rain was caused, as we know this time temperature is very high, last Wednesday or Thursday, the temperature touched fifty-degree celsius in the middle of the day, people were feeling so uncomfortable due to this heavy rise in temperature. So, this heavy rainfall gives them relief for some time and but due to this heavy rain many places were filled with water, hope this filling is better than monster temperature rises.

For increasing rainfall, some operations had been done by the National Carrier of Meteorology, to Emirat they carried out carried seeding. This news was explained by the Middle Gulf News. These operations helped them and also after this weather drops, people also felt relaxed. But this is not happening suddenly, Citizens of the United Arab Emirates had already alert by the national carrier of Meteorology. Before doing this, they issued an alert regarding this, in which they mention there are huge chances of convective formation of cloud. This news was issued for the east side of the country. This announcement was very helpful for the local citizens, they were alert and hopefully, they are prepared for this heavy rainfall. Main people from the East part of the country were very happy after this rainfall, they feel so blessed because this rainfall provides them comfortably from so monster temperature. As mentioned earlier, the temperature reaches around 50 degrees celsius in the middle of the heatwave. As you can see, the technology is increasing day by day, seriously, this operation was very successful and rainfall was done by the man, before this technology, basically, people were developing on nature for rainfall, but this operation proves that technology can be done anything.

Now many of you thinking about this, how this could be possible, some of you think this is fake, but no this is not fake this is real news and announced and information by the middle Gulf News. Gulf News also gave the proper explanation of this how this operation was successful. So, here I would tell you the process of this artificial rain and after reading this you can know, yes, this is not a rumor. This process of artificial rainfall or formation of convective clouds can be done through the process of Precipitation and winds. I hope you all know the precipitation. For this, perception and winds having speed of forty kilometer per hour, due to this causes a displacement of sand and wind. Hence, this process is caused by the high temperature, this high temperature causes rises of hot and humid air in the atmosphere from the colder surrounding. This rain technology in the United Arab Emirates had done by the Proven Drones, this Proven drone causes rain by giving an electric shock to clouds, in this technology no chemicals are used.

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