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Microsoft Teams Gets A Complete Overhaul Before Windows 11 Release As It Will Be Integrated Into The OS This Time


Microsoft the provider of computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services recently announced the launch of its new Windows 11 OS. This next-generation Windows 11 OS was first signaled by Microsoft in the Build 2021 conference which happened in June 2021. 

The new Windows 11 is designed to fit the modern world with its advanced PCs and offices from home. This new Operating System has new technologies integrated and tools which can get your work done in seconds. Microsoft has made it very productive. It will also come with a clean space that is not filled with apps and software.

Microsoft might be trying to make this Windows user friendly as possible so that it can be used on touch screen laptops as well. 

Microsoft is yet to reveal what the exact price will be as well as the availability of the software. But it is expected to be revealed soon. On the other hand, Dell, a multinational computer technology company and a prominent partner of Microsoft has recently announced their wide variety of PCs will run Microsoft Windows 11 in the coming year. It even gave the good news that those customers who buy a new PC after the launch of Windows 11 will have the software upgraded to Windows 11 for free so they do not need to pay extra charges for the upgrade.

Talking about the features and look of the new Windows 11 it will come with a new design for the app icons which were the same since Windows 95. This new design will make Windows more attractive. Other new changes include the taskbar icons which will now appear in the bottom center by default just like the app icons of Apple OS and Mac they too appear in the bottom center. It is easier to access them from here and you wouldn’t require to search for them again and again.

Microsoft now also has worked on its looks and design by providing its users new layout and wallpapers to avoid a medley. The Windows 11 taskbar which is located in the bottom center will have Widgets, Xbox Game Pass, and Teams by default.

Another new feature added is the Snaps Layout which is used to place tabs on the screen and you can place maximum tabs on your screen using this feature. This feature can be found on the minimize maximize button on the right-hand side of any tabs and thus you can use it from there to position tabs on the screen. This will keep your work well organized and you can work on different things at the same time.

Microsoft has made the new Windows 11 more space-efficient as the new updates and features are much smaller in size but are more efficient. They will cause less battery drainage and work perfectly fine in all settings. All the updates and features included in the new Windows 11 are made user-friendly to ease the tension of your work. Microsoft has not shared the exact details about the launch.

Microsoft Teams, a proprietary business communication app developed by Microsoft, is by default provided in  Windows 11. Users can access it through their PCs and have an amazing experience even on their smartphones.

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